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Best Resources to Learn Ruby on Rails

We've curated a list of the best online resources to help you learn Ruby on Rails or simply deepen your knowledge in 2020.
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Backed by a dynamic group of supporters, Ruby on Rails is used by more than half a million websites, among which Airbnb, Shopify, and last but not least, Phrase. It is even more popular among startups that want to develop web apps the fastest way possible. If you also happen to have a unique app idea that you would like to implement without spending a fortune, then it is time to learn Ruby on Rails. We have curated a list of the best online resources for you to check out and start learning from day one!

Screencasts & Podcasts


Graceful.Dev (formerly RubyTapas) is a website that offers informative screencasts and courses on Ruby and Rails produced by Avdi Grimm, author of many tutorials and a couple of great books. The screencasts are posted regularly and are perfect for Rails developers who are looking to improve their skills.


RubyRogues is a podcast held by the DevChat platform covering various topics related to Ruby and Rails development. The authors invite guests and release new episodes almost every week.

Online Courses & Books


PluralSight is a popular technology learning platform with tools that can evaluate your skills irrespective of your knowledge level and help you find solutions to almost all your Rails problems. The monthly membership costs between $29 and $49.

Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)

Lynda can help you learn Ruby on Rails with the help of video tutorials. Lynda's content is now on LinkedIn Learning.

Code Academy

Code Academy offers online courses on Ruby on Rails, including lessons, quizzes, and projects to help you get started. However, it is not like any other online course – they have a completely new take on education!


Thinkful is a revolutionary online school for developers that offers a perfect mix of traditional face-to-face learning and the convenience of online education. The platform also has a blog where they post lots of great tips for developers.

Learn Ruby the Hard Way

The website offers the third edition of the book “Learn Ruby the Hard Way” for free. The book features 52 exercises for Rails developers and quite valuable pieces of advice from an experienced programmer.


Sitepoint is a well-known learning platform providing tutorials, books, and videos on various topics. Its Ruby and Rails section hosts numerous "how-to" articles that would be interesting both for newbies and experienced developers.


GoRails is an online platform publishing Ruby on Rails guides, screencasts, and tutorials for web developers, and much more.


Rails Girls

Rails Girls is a non-profit volunteer community focused on strengthening women's engagement in technology and providing them with the necessary tools to craft their ideas. Everyone who wants to learn Ruby on Rails can practice basic programming, sketching, as well as prototyping.

Code Wars

Codewars is a collective effort by its community, where users teach each other various techniques and solutions and comment with constructive feedback. It offers Rails developers an opportunity to improve their skills by challenging other developers on real code challenges.

Stack Overflow

Everyone loves Stack Overflow. Most probably, every developer has come across this site in their career. It is a huge Q&A community, where starters intending to learn Ruby on Rails will find answers to almost anything related to it.


Reddit is an immensely popular resource that also has a Ruby community.


Ruby on Rails Blog

This is an official Ruby on Rails Blog publishing news and important updates on the framework. Be sure to visit it every once in a while to stay up to date!


RubyFlow is a community blog covering all things Ruby and Rails so take your time to roam around and find your favorite article.

DEV Ruby is a website hosting tutorials on various technologies. Its Ruby section is being constantly updated and also gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

Tenderlove Making

Tenderlove Making is the personal blog of Aaron Patterson, a well-known Ruby developer who loves writing about his job and coding in general.


This is a blog by ThoughtBot, a company that created dozens of widely-used Open Source projects. They write about Ruby, Rails, and other technologies.

AWS Developer Blog

Amazon has its own blog covering a wide range of topics, among which Ruby and Rails too. These articles are especially helpful for those who work with Amazon services such as S3.


This is a blog created by Richard Schneeman, quite a popular Ruby developer. He mostly covers advanced (but very interesting!) Ruby and Rails topics.

BigBinary Blog

This is a corporate blog by BigBinary, publishing useful tips and tutorials for developers.



RubyLand is a news and articles aggregator where you may find lots of interesting reads on Ruby and Rails.

Ruby Weekly

Ruby Weekly is a mailing list to which you can subscribe to receive periodic emails with the latest news, interesting articles, and more!

Awesome Ruby

Awesome Ruby by LibHunt is an aggregator with lots of useful articles covering popular open-source solutions on a daily basis.

The Ruby Toolbox

Ruby Tools is an online catalog created by Christoph Olszowka. The service has thousands of popular open-source solutions for Ruby/Rails and allows you to explore them easily. Each solution has a "popularity" and "health" metrics that can help you choose a reliable and maintained solution for your project.