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The Best React Blogs to Follow Now

Explore the best React blogs out there to get tips and tricks on working with React.js, Gatsby, Next.js, React Native, and much more.
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When you start dealing with React for the very first time, its official Documentation will be the best option for learning and support. Once you get into the groove, you can start drawing on a multitude of deep-dive React blogs and resources in many different formats.

What Are the Best React Blogs to Follow?

This is why we have compiled a list of the best blogs and sites you should start following immediately when it comes to learning and getting up to date with React.js. Of course, this is not a complete list, but it comes really close to what thousands of developers are reading and recommending at the moment, and I have found personally lots of practical examples that can be applied in production sites. is a thriving community of developers who write about technology and their lives, trying to help one another out. It has currently got more than 250k registered users and offers a vast list of developer resources for almost any topic. It is what we call "the morning paper" for developers so it also contains lots of new resources for React.js.

Here are some of the top articles on React:

This is Dan Abramov's personal blog. He is the creator of Redux and a core team member of the React team. Dan has probably the most inner knowledge of how React works and is able to communicate it in a clear way with the outside world. Here are some quite interesting pickings:

Tyler is a well-known React geek and maintains his own website with lots of tutorials and courses. He also sends a really cool React newsletter every week. Here are some popular posts from his blog:

React Training is the company behind some of the most used React libraries, such as React Router and React. They organize React workshops on a regular basis and have some top-notch articles:

Freecodecamp is a mega-site full of free development tutorials and certification courses, backed up by a not-for-profit organization. They attract lots of people trying to learn web development, and so they have a really good grasp of what is it to learn the basics:

This is another popular site that hosts multiple tutorials and articles on web development. They have quite a nice layout with clean and readable code examples:

Robin is an independent software consultant who aims to provide high-quality tutorials and quite detailed articles:

Dave is a prominent software developer, mainly because of his great books on React and, of course, due to his awesome posts. I have chosen some nice ones here:

react.js blog

The React.js blog is the most authoritative place to learn about new React features. If something is baking in the oven, then it will be definitely published here. Check out this great stuff:

Finally, why not follow the Phrase Blog to stay up to date on React in terms of internationalization and localization. It offers lots of in-depth articles on React and great React tutorials with hands-on exercises:

I hope I could offer you the most vetted and significant React blogs for learning the most well-known UI library for web app development. Stay put for more related articles regarding top developer resources in the future!