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Phrase brand guidelines

Phrase style guide

The simple kit is for using the Phrase logo.

Download kit


This is our primary logo. Note the horizontal lockup.

This is our logo + tagline.

The all black logo should just be used for applications where it’s required by production to use the logo in one color.

Here is the black logo + tagline.

Clear space

Clear space is the specific amount of padding that surrounds the Phrase logo at all times. All visual and text elements must always be placed outside of this space.

All variations of the Phrase logo should always have clear space greater than or equal to the height and width of the inner counter of the lowercase letter “a” in the Phrase logotype.



Use a full-color logo with black logotype on a white or light gray background.

Use a full-color logo with white logotype on a black background.

Use a full-color logo with black logotype on a Phrase Green background, but be sure that the accent in the icon is white rather than green.


Don’t render the logo mark as a single color, unless using specifically designated black and white logo files.

Don’t change the lockup of the logotype and logo mark. The logo mark is always to the left of the logotype.

Don’t adjust the typeface of the logo or replace it with a different font.

Don’t change or alter the logo mark color. See the color section for additional guidance.

Don’t adjust the width or height of the logo to fit better into a space.

Don’t place the logo on a background of the same color as the logo mark or logotype.