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The Phrase fireside chat | Series 1

Exploring Localization: Insights from Industry Leaders

Welcome to the first of our Fireside Chat podcast series, hosted by Jason Hemingway, CMO at Phrase. Join us as we delve into the vital role of localization in driving business growth and enhancing customer engagement. In Series 1, Georg Ell, CEO, and Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, PhD, CPO, share valuable insights into the significant impact of localization in today’s dynamic business environment.

▶ Introduction
Jason Hemingway, CMO at Phrase, welcomes the first fireside chat guests, Georg Ell and Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, setting the stage for insightful discussions and expert perspectives on all things localization.

▶ Episode 1: Translation vs localization
Georg and Simone introduce the concepts of translation and localization, explaining their significance in today’s global business landscape. They delve into how adapting content to different languages and cultural contexts is vital for businesses seeking to connect effectively with a diverse, international audience.

▶ Episode 2: Localization challenges & the role of tech
Exploring the major challenges businesses encounter in localization, this episode examines the role of technology in addressing these challenges. It highlights how technological advancements are shaping the strategies and solutions for effective localization in the global market.

▶ Episode 3: Scalable & adaptable localization
Discover how businesses can ensure that localization technology is scalable and adaptable across various industries and tailored to meet specific client needs. This episode emphasizes the importance of flexibility and customization in developing effective localization solutions.

▶ Episode 4: Businesses excelling with technology
Learn from Georg & Simone’s examples of businesses effectively leveraging technology in localization, showcasing the tangible impact on their results. Find out how the innovative use of technology in localization strategies can lead to significant improvements in business performance.

▶ Episode 5: Key trends
Our experts delve into the current key trends in localization and forecast the evolution of localization technology in the future. They discuss how these trends are shaping the role and impact of localization technology in the global marketplace.

▶ Episode 6: Change management
This episode outlines the steps for managing change in the context of localization, offering a strategic framework to guide businesses through the transition and adaptation processes inherent in localization efforts.

▶ Episode 7: Staying ahead of the curve
We focus on the proactive actions organizations should take to stay ahead of the curve, emphasizing strategies for innovation and adaptability in a rapidly evolving global market.

▶ Episode 8: Future vision
Georg and Simone discuss the future vision for localization, exploring anticipated developments and the direction in which localization practices are expected to evolve, shaping global business strategies.

▶ Summary & conclusion

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