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Leaving standardization behind, localization becomes a more and more integral part of successful global businesses, with localization managers leading those initiatives across the organizations. However, their importance can still be understated, which causes struggles in getting the needed resources and deserved recognition. Yet, many innovative organizations have already discovered the importance of an impactful localization process and have put the right strategy in place to achieve global success.

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[Ebook] How to Achieve Localization Success—a Guide for Localization Managers

[Ebook] How to Achieve Localization Success—a Guide for Localization Managers

This ebook provides insights into the best localization practices based on the experience gained from partnering with successful businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. It offers tools on how to emphasize the importance of localization within your organization and build a strong localization strategy. Additionally, you will learn how to collect the most important data points for measuring your localization success. And finally, you will gain insights into the high-performing teams working at the food delivery service Glovo, the engineering instrument manufacturer NI, as well as at a major ridesharing app. Discover their exceptional examples of high-impact localization.

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