How to Set Up Your Mobile App Localization Process for Success

Localization can take your app from being “great” to a truly global hit—but how do you set up the process to run effectively from start to finish?

Our guide will equip you with everything you need for creating a bulletproof plan that will keep you on track for growth in the global mobile app market.

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Are you aware of your biggest roadblock to effective mobile app localization?

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Roadblock #1

Lack of global readiness

Roadblock #2

A waterfall approach to localization in an agile environment

Roadblock #3

Insufficient centralization and automation

Roadblock #5

A slow quality assurance testing workflow

Roadblock #4

Missing the right technology

Time to start using localization best practices with Phrase

Get a handle on your localization workflows with a mobile app localization solution built with the whole team in mind.

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