New Pricing for a New Era: Introducing Our New Subscription Pricing

January 31, 2024

Phrase introduces new simplified pricing plan, giving customers access to the entire Phrase Platform for a single monthly subscription.

Back in 2022, we unveiled the Phrase Localization Platform to help our customers meet the challenging demands of international growth and global customer engagement. At the time, we made it clear that our ambition was to usher in a new era of technology for localization. Our aim was to improve and connect a fragmented ecosystem of people, tools and technology that was cumbersome, costly and disconnected.

To meet these challenges we designed the Phrase Suite as a connected platform to cover all aspects of localization across an enterprise. Throughout 2023, we delivered on an impressive roadmap of innovation, from the launch of Phrase Orchestrator and Phrase Analytics to the announcement of Phrase Language AI, Phrase Custom AI and more recently the new Phrase Quality Performance Score. All of these releases were tied firmly to our vision of providing the next generation of technology built around harnessing AI, automated workflow and scalability.

To align with our platform vision and make it easier for customers to deploy end-to-end solutions with our integrated technologies, we are introducing a new and simplified approach to our pricing. We are moving away from individual product pricing and will now offer a single platform license that gives organizations access to everything we offer under one subscription.

Our new plans provide meaningful capacity to all of the Phrase platform’s capabilities, simplifying the buying process and helping customers to solve their larger end-to-end localization challenges, faster and more efficiently than ever. We are reducing the need to rely on a disconnected set of independent technologies that are hard to manage and costly to maintain. This allows our customers to build a sophisticated localization programme at meaningful volumes with one license (vs. implementing 6+ separate offerings from other companies). Customers can now easily experiment with new capabilities without any additional costs, and then extend usage based on their evolving needs. This is a model that’s entirely unique in the market today.

One Platform – One Pricing Plan

Starting February 1st, we’re launching plans that include every single platform capability, within the cost of a single plan. That means customers will be given capacity to access everything the Phrase platform offers, including our powerful TMS, software localization tools, customizable workflow automation, AI machine translation, and advanced analytics capabilities. Furthermore, as we move to usage-based pricing, our new pricing plans allow customers to easily access more capacity as their needs grow. We are also giving customers more control, making it easy to quickly buy additional volume when needed.

Additionally, we will be giving customers easy access to their usage data, providing greater transparency regarding the capacity and usage they need to meet their goals.

Understanding Our New Pricing Structure

Our new pricing plans are designed to serve two distinct types of clients: Direct customers and Language Service Providers (LSPs). We have made this distinction in order to best serve the needs of our customers in each segment. Direct customers are businesses with their own in-house localization teams that work directly with Phrase. The LSP plan is exclusively available to LSPs—companies that offer localization services to others.

More information about our Direct and LSP plans can be found on our plans and pricing page.

A Single Fee for the Entire Phrase Suite

With this new pricing model, depending on the plan, customers will pay a flat fee and receive the following:

  • A set capacity or volume (usage) for all Phrase products within the suite. Our new model will give customers, the ability to test and use all products, including:
    • Phrase TMS (TMS Processed Words)
    • Phrase Strings (Strings Managed Words)
    • Phrase Strings (Users)
    • Phrase Orchestrator (Orchestrator Workflows)
    • Phrase Language AI and Phrase Portal (Machine Translation Units)
    • Phrase Custom AI (Deployed Models)
    • Phrase Portal (End User Access Licenses)
  • More access to capabilities such as Phrase Analytics and Phrase Quality Technologies.
  • Integrations with leading technology and service providers, including apps, platforms, and connectors.

Customers will have full control over their capacity needs, with the flexibility to effortlessly scale up their capacity independently as required. While we believe that the new allocated plan will be a good fit for each of our customers, additional volumes can be selected at any time, in-product.

Certain feature access will be based on needs associated with localization maturity. Higher-tiered plans offer additional services, including more integrations and for our highest level plans, integrated Premium Success services to de-risk implementation and provide guidance, best practices, and a direct relationship to Phrase.

There will no longer be an option to buy separate licenses to access different products, as feedback from our customers has told us this is a significant barrier to broader adoption of our platform. This integrated solution streamlines the process and provides simplicity and convenience for our customers.

How to Switch to the New Subscription Plan

From today, we are only using this new pricing and licensing model. Existing customers don’t need to take any action. We’ll simply make the switch at contract renewal.

Note: existing customers can also switch over sooner for faster access to the entire platform.

Our team will ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to customers by maintaining existing data and configurations, including analytics add-ons and any relevant integrations.

Starting in February, once logged in, customers will see a new dashboard that will provide transparency into their usage. Customers will also have the ability to move up to a higher tier directly from the dashboard should they wish.

The Same Exceptional Service Phrase

Throughout this journey, Phrase will provide dedicated support for a smooth transition. Our Customer Success team will communicate regular updates on additional features and improvements.

As customers will gain access to a wider bench of tools as part of this transition, we want to make sure that they know how to use them. Our Customer Success team will be rolling out training sessions and an enhanced certification program for this purpose. For example, Strings users might want to pursue the TMS certification if they hope to scale up their use of the platform.

We will share more information on these exciting educational opportunities in the coming weeks and months.

A Brighter Future, Together

Phrase remains at the forefront of the latest trends and developments in this dynamic landscape, consistently leading with innovation and expertise. Whether it’s AI, automation or analytics, we are continuously investing in new product development.  We’re thrilled to give customers the opportunity to quickly implement these cutting-edge tools without the extra costs and time typically needed when buying separate solutions.

We want to thank customers for influencing our shift in this direction. We consider our customers to be our best partners and firmly believe that our mutual success is inextricably linked.

We look forward to our continued partnership.


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