The Phrase Portal provides all of your team members with a secure and easy access to our advanced localization technology. With the Phrase Portal, everyone in your company can translate important documents, reports, and messages instantly. SSO enabled for simple Enterprise-wide rollout, the Portal empowers teams across your organization, while providing controlled and secure access to AI-powered translation.

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Provide teams outside localization departments direct and secure access to Phrase Language AI’s machine translation and AI capabilities. Generate high-quality translations that are consistent with company style and terminology, across the board.

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What is the Phrase Portal?

The Phrase Portal is an easy-to-use interface that allows employees across various departments to independently manage and obtain high quality (machine) translations in a secure manner.

Who has access to the Phrase Portal?

All Phrase customers have access to the Portal.

How do I leverage my language assets?

By configuring which Machine Translation (MT) profiles the Phrase Portal uses.

Can the Phrase Portal use customized MT?

Yes, the Phrase Portal supports the full range of Phrase Language AI capabilities, including the use of Custom AI to train your own MT models.

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Revolutionize Your Language Assets: Introducing Automated Asset Curation

Join us for a webinar where we unveil the future of language asset management with Automated Asset Curation (AAC). Discover how this revolutionary capability automates the cleaning and curation of your translation memories, dramatically reducing manual labor costs while enhancing translation quality.


Phrase Advances Hyperautomation with Next Wave of AI-Powered Localization Enhancements

New releases deliver business value with AI-enhanced language quality, a new GenAI-MT translation engine, Automated Asset Curation, and Phrase Portal upgrades.


The Localization Playbook for Technical Communication and Documentation

With real-world scenarios and a focus on implementing the right technology stack, this playbook equips you with the tools and knowledge to streamline your localization process effectively. Dive in and elevate your technical communication and documentation to a global audience with confidence.

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