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Phrase launch week | February 22 – March 1, 2023

New arrivals for

Phrase TMS

We’ve been working hard to push what’s possible in the Phrase Localization Platform! For Phrase TMS, this means 3 new language pairs for our Phrase NextMT engine, exciting improvements to our TM technology, the introduction of Braze integration, and much more.

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G2 4.6 stars rating | Phrase

Braze Integration | Phrase

Braze + Phrase integration

Introducing our newest integration with Braze, the leading customer engagement platform that powers memorable experiences between consumers and brands. The Phrase TMS integration for Braze enables you to connect with consumers in the languages they speak and drive growth into new markets with seamless localization!

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NextMT Languages February Cadence | Phrase

Phrase NextMT expands language support

Our internally developed machine translation engine now supports 3 more language pairs (German, Dutch, Italian), helping you translate more content and reach wider audiences.

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Translation Memory Output February Cadence | Phrase

Take control of translation memory output

Phrase TMS translation memory algorithm now aligns segment and project metadata to ensure the best possible match. You can now prioritize the metadata (client, domain, subdomain, filename) stored on segment-level and have a translation memory output that is more reliable than ever!

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ICU Messages February Cadence | Phrase

ICU messages

Translating multilingual software projects in Phrase TMS just became a lot easier! Our CAT tool now parses the ICU format, allowing translators to work with variants on the segment level.

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Mentions and notifications February Cadence | Phrase

Mentions and notifications

Communicate and collaborate like never before! You can now mention your @colleagues in comments and receive an in-app notification when someone needs you.

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Improved visibility February Cadence | Phrase

Improved visibility of internal matches

Internal fuzzies can now be included in job analyses as a separate category. This way, you can now save money by applying custom discounts for internal fuzzies in net rate schemes.

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