The Localization Playbook for Technical Communication and Documentation

With real-world scenarios and a focus on implementing the right technology stack, this playbook equips you with the tools and knowledge to streamline your localization process effectively. Dive in and elevate your technical communication and documentation to a global audience with confidence.

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Your comprehensive guide to crafting a robust multilingual documentation strategy

In this ebook, we delve into the intricacies of preparing for content and translation memory migrations, mapping legacy content to target models, and establishing strategic workflows for localization success. From configuring publishing pipelines to planning content and translation data migration, we provide practical insights and actionable steps to navigate the complexities of localization.

  • Understand the importance of a strong multilingual documentation strategy
  • Learn key considerations before embarking on migrations
  • Establish strategic workflows for localization success
  • Configure publishing pipelines for optimal output
  • Implement the right technology stack for seamless localization