Thursday, May 16, 2024, 3 PM | AEST, 5 PM|NZST, 1PM | SGT

Expert Panel: Global expansion: Key strategies for a successful localization strategy with AI

Join our exclusive panel discussion with localization experts from Australia’s leading language technology and language service provider 2M Language Services. Explore the AI-powered localization strategies and insights for achieving success in global expansion.
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Empower your global business through customized AI-powered localization strategies. 

This webinar features key leaders from 2M Language Services, the leading language service provider (LSP) in the Asia-Pacific and the first in the region certified under ISO 27001 for Information Security Management. Our experts will discuss how to leverage localization in business management, streamline processes, and adopt cutting-edge language technologies.

This session is designed for localization professionals and business leaders interested in expanding their global footprint.

  • Importance of Localization for Business Expansion: Discover how effective localization goes beyond translation to drive business growth.
  • Navigating Localization Challenges: Tactics for enhancing process efficiency, maintaining quality, and managing costs.
  • Data Security in Localization: Best practices to safeguard your localization projects 
  • Case Study: A real-world example of using AI to customize machine translation.
  • Emerging Trends: Machine Translation and AI



  • Tea Dietterich, CEO at 2M Language Services

Tea is known for her forward-thinking approach to technology and business. She helps global brands successfully enter international markets and provides strategic advice to the mining and defense sectors on secure communication and multilingual asset management. Tea is President of the Australasian Association of Language Companies (AALC) and serves on multiple academic and industry boards.

  • Beatrice Cortis Cann, Head of Translation & Business Growth at Language Services

Beatrice focuses on optimizing localization processes to ensure efficiency and quality. She drives the implementation of translation technologies, digital QA evaluation, and customized workflows to meet the needs of the Australian market. Beatrice has been instrumental in adopting translation management platforms that offer client-centric solutions with cultural and contextual relevance.

  • Thomas Lespes, Chief Technology Officer at Language Services 

Thomas’ innovative vision revolves around the implementation of advanced translation technologies and generative AI to enhance localization outcomes for enterprise clients. Recent achievements include incorporating AI-powered translation services, enabling secure communication in critical scenarios. His expertise ensures 2M’s commitment to data protection and technology innovation.