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Introducing Gen AI-Powered Innovations

Discover our pioneering LLM capabilities embedded within the Phrase Localization Platform, AI Actions and Auto LQA. Harness the power of generative AI to turbocharge your translation process.

The webinar in short

In this session we unveil our pioneering LLM-powered capabilities embedded within the Phrase Localization Platform:

  • Auto LQA: Eliminate the manual, labor-intensive task of assessing the quality of all your translated content. Automatically obtain accurate evaluations and provide your linguists with actionable feedback and insights, enabling them to refine their translations effectively. Reduce the time and cost of human post-editing.
  • AI Actions: Choose from a range of stylistic enhancements to bring additional nuance to translated copy. With just one click, change tone of voice, or rephrase entire translated sentences. Benefit from AI-generated options to improve the quality of your final copy.