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Powerful localization insights right at your fingertips

Easily build customized analytics dashboards and reports that help you track key metrics and make smarter data-driven decisions. Watch our expert solution architects as they break down Advanced Analytics and its powerful capabilities.

The webinar in short

Join Phrase solution architects Tobias Scherf and Jakub Janičkovič as they demonstrate—using concrete, everyday examples—how Advanced Analytics can help you build comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions in seconds—decisions that optimize workflows and accelerate growth. 

They cover:

  • Everyday use cases of Advanced Analytics
  • How Advanced Analytics provides in-platform access to data that can quickly be configured, adjusted, and updated without expert knowledge
  • How Advanced Analytics eliminates the need for maintenance or the help of data experts and developers to design new insights, update dashboards, or even write complex SQL queries
  • How access to powerful dashboarding is streamlined