Thursday, September 21, 2023, 5 pm CEST | 11 AM EST

Panel by ModelFront: Accelerating translation with AI that scores AI

Phrase's Vice President of AI Research, Dr. Alon Lavie, is joining a panel discussion hosted by ModelFront alongside Adam Bittlingmayer, CEO at ModelFront and Amir Kamran, Solution Architect at TAUS. Sign up below to hear expert opinions on the key AI technology in the translation space.
Alon at Luma banner for webinar | Phrase

Learn from renowned industry experts

Tune in to this big picture, practical panel about the key AI technology accelerating human-quality translation workflows.

​Featuring key minds in machine translation quality prediction or quality estimation, as it is known in the research world:

  • ​Alon Lavie, VP of AI Research at Phrase
  • ​Amir Kamran, Solution Architect at TAUS
  • ​Adam Bittlingmayer, CEO at ModelFront

​Quality prediction accelerates workflows by controlling which segments are sent to human editing – and which can skip it!

This must-watch panel discussion covers:

  • ​Why more companies are adopting quality prediction
  • TMS integrations
  • ​Upcoming events

​​This is a vendor-neutral event, moderated by Cecilia Yalangozian from the Machine Translate foundation.