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Phrase demo at the Loc Tools Study Group

The Loc Tools Study Group, organized by The Localization Advocate, shows how to advance your skills by becoming more knowledgeable and familiar with Phrase. See a practical walkthrough of Phrase and find out key features, workflows and tips in this session.

The webinar in short

Learn more about the story of Phrase and get some useful tips and tricks on getting started with Phrase to successfully manage your localization projects.

The demo covers:

  • The story of Phrase (formerly Memsource)
  • Overview of key areas where Phrase helps you
  • Hands-on demonstration of the Phrase Localization Suite
  • Showcasing the use of the Phrase integration for Figma
  • Leveraging the power of both Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings using the job sync
  • The CAT editor, QA checks, LQA, Advanced Analytics