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Bridging the strategic gap between technical content and translation

Technical content creation, such as product documentation, and localization need to work hand-in-hand to enable an end-to-end multilingual content strategy. This session presents technology implementation for seamless collaboration.

The webinar in short

When moving to a new component content management system (CCMS), translation management system (TMS), or both, content strategy needs to be planned with care to ensure both your migration and the system maintenance and use are cost effective while optimizing the quality of the content in all languages and reducing your time to market. Technology can help you to optimize the content related spend in a way that drives your sales and enables your customers to use your products with satisfaction. This session presents an ideal way of implementing and using a CCMS, Paligo, and a Phrase TMS side-by-side.


Learning outcomes:

  • How to prepare for content and translation memory migrations.
  • How to set up your new content management and translation management processes.
  • Best practices to optimize your costs while maximizing content quality and market impact.
  • See execution first hand with a demonstration