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It’s all about quality: Watch our 3-part webinar series now

Dive into the notion of orchestrating a perfectly automated localization experience, with exceptional translation quality. In this webinar series, connect with Phrase Executives as they explore the pivotal role of quality, automation, and AI in shaping the future of localization. Get an exclusive look at our latest innovations, products, and features, and learn how they are setting new standards in the industry.
December Cadence Webinar Series | Visual | Phrase

Strategic insight: A briefing with Phrase Executives

Join Phrase CEO, Georg Ell, alongside CPO Simone Bohnenberger-Rich, PhD, CPO, and VP of AI Research Dr. Alon Lavie, for a strategic conversation. They discuss strategies for assessing and utilizing quality as a key component in creating an AI-driven, fully automated localization journey.

Gain exclusive insights into the latest release, the market outlook and what will drive the Phrase strategy in the coming months.


Introducing Phrase Quality Performance Scores—the next step in AI-powered quality assessment

In this session we introduce Phrase Quality Performance Scores (Phrase QPS), our new and improved automated method for calculating quality scores within the Phrase Localization Platform. Based on the latest MQM 2.0 framework, we demonstrate how you can benefit from the quality insights it provides in Phrase TMS, Phrase Strings, and our Phrase Language AI API. Learn about the exciting technology behind Phrase QPS and what this means for the future of quality assessment.

From data to decisions: Mastering data analytics with pre-defined, customizable, or raw data with Phrase

Unlock actionable data insights with Phrase! 

Explore pre-defined or customizable reports and dashboards using Phrase Analytics, and learn how you can combine localization data with your company-specific metrics using Phrase Data. Watch our webinar for a guide to mastering Phrase tools and a data-driven global strategy.