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Workday’s Transformative Custom Translation Integration

Discover the intricacies of Workday's custom translation integration journey. The panel of experts from Workday, Phrase, and Argos Multilingual talk about the challenges, strategic decisions, and the role played by translation partner Argos Multilingual and technology partner Phrase in redefining Workday's translation processes.

The webinar in short

If you’re navigating the challenges of custom translation integration, or are simply curious about its potential, this webinar is your looking glass into insights, expertise, and innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • Technological Leap: Complete re-engineering and process change to externalize content from Workday’s XO platform.
  • Strategic Repositioning: Linguists moved from a platform-specific focus to a more versatile role, adapting to the evolving workflow.
  • Cost Efficiency: Transitioning from hourly rates to a per-word cost structure optimized resource allocation and expenditure.
  • Phrase Integration: The API-driven approach of Phrase emerged as a pivotal factor, offering unparalleled flexibility in the translation process.