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Bid farewell to APIs with a cutting-edge workflow customization and automation editor

Unlock powerful automation across the Phrase Localization Suite with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and workflow builder. Join our expert solution architects as they break down Phrase Orchestrator and its groundbreaking capabilities.

The webinar in short

Join Phrase solution architects Tobias Scherf and Miklós Urbán as they demonstrate—using concrete, everyday examples—how Phrase Orchestrator revolutionizes localization processes by enabling seamless workflow automations that add unparalleled speed and control to operations.


They cover:

  • Everyday use cases of Phrase Orchestrator
  • Its wider business benefits
  • Its ease of use, and how it can be picked up by anybody at any time
  • How it simplifies customizations, facilitates rapid idea validation and implementation, and sparks innovation within localization teams
  • How it provides elevated security and requires no infrastructure to purchase or manage—or for IT maintenance
  • Its future as a pivotal automation center which will bring more and more capabilities to the fingertips of everyday users