What Is the Best iOS Blog?

Never thought iOS development could be fun to read about? Check out these blogs before you judge again.

Let’s admit it, chasing after technological advancements is a lost run. In our fast-paced world of constant innovations, there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to iOS development. And what can be better than learning from peer developers? There are plenty of blogs for iOS developers online, but here are our top 17 picks. Beginner or a pro, we’re quite sure you’ll be able to find your favorite iOS blog.

1. Cult of Mac (iOS)

Cult of Mac is definitely one of the top blogs on our list. You won’t miss out on any news regarding Apple with their daily posts. With quality contributors like Rob Lefebvre, George Tinari and many more Cult of Mac offers some great tips and news. Follow @CultOfMacon Twitter.

2. iPhone & Mac Development

When you want to learn more about iOS development, you should do so from the very best, someone like Jeff LaMarche for example. He is a founder behind MartianCraft and the co-author of the book “Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK“. You can find various educational tutorials among other posts on Jeff’s blog. Follow @Jeff_Lamarcheon Twitter.

3. Furbo.org

There are lots of fresh quality blogs about iOS development on the web, but if you are looking for the true pioneer check out Craig Hockenberry’s blog. He has been in the business from the 70’s and has been blogging for over a decade now. Follow @CHockenberryon Twitter.

4. Phrase Blog

You have probably heard about us, right. Our blog is equally targeted towards engineers and product managers who spend a lot of time on localization of apps or software or who are just getting started with localization and internationalization. Our blog offers various informative posts and tutorials, as well as interviews with experts of the industry. Discover more on how to localize iOS apps. Follow @phraseapp on Twitter.

5. Globe University Blog

Globe University offers a truly professional and informative blog. It extremely useful for those who are currently learning iOS development. You will be able to read posts written by actual professors and staff from Globe University and it is all for free! Follow @GlobeUniversity on Twitter.

6. iDevBlogADay

iDevBlogADay was created by a small group of indie developers eager to share their know-hows with others. You will find it all here, what they do, what they have done and what they are planning to create in the future. They not only focus on coding and designing, but also marketing of their apps. Follow @iDevBlogADay on Twitter.

7. TutsPlus Code Blog

TutsPlus Code Blog writes about everything and anything that has something to do with coding (web development, mobile development, iOS SDK, etc). They also offer various online courses. Their mission is to help people learn and earn online. You can browse through hundreds of free tutorials to develop your programming and coding skills. Their how-to tutorials include topics like Building your Startup with PhP, How to Represent your List as a Graph in Python, How to Use React-Redux Package and so on. Follow @tutsplus on Twitter.

8. Codementor Learn

Who said being an iOS developer is hard? While most of the other developer blogs focus on perfecting their skills, Codementor is a perfect place to give a start to your iOS developer career. With their explanatory guides and tutorials you will have a lot of fun along the way. Ray Wenderlich, an iOS guru has some awesome tips for you to start with. Follow @CodementorIO on Twitter.

9. Realm News

Realm is a mobile database framework, but when it comes to Apple they not only offer their readers lots of interesting articles, but also cool videos from actual conferences. Follow @Realm on Twitter.

10. Cocoa with Love

A rather informative blog from Matt Gallagher. He has been sharing his expertise with the world since 2008. He is part of Zqueue company, but also works independently. The name of the blog, Cocoa, refers to an Apple trademark used as a joint name for numerous programming frameworks and stands for “child-friendly version of Java”. Some of the main topics of Matt’s posts include debug analysis, error handling, hacks, testing, xCode and tools. His recent posts are on Values and Errors. Follow @CocoaWithLove on Twitter.

11. iOS Dev Weekly

While Dave might not post updates every other day, his posts are worth a wait. If you don’t have time to check his blog every day for updates, subscribe to his newsletter and be the first one to know about the next exciting update about iOS development from Dave. Follow @DaveVerwer on Twitter.

12. ios-blog.co.uk

One of the best things about ios-blog.co.uk is that it offers posts from lots of developers and therefore they are always unique and unpredictable. You never know what’s coming tomorrow. Check it out for various resources, articles and tutorials. Follow @iOS_blog on Twitter.

13. Matt Gemmell’s Blog

Matt is a software engineer, who is passionate about sharing his vision with the world through writing. Throughout his career he has written for famous newspapers and magazines like The GuardianMacworldMacUser, The Loop MagazineOffscreen and more. Matt has also written several books. His blog has been up and running since September 2002. Follow @mattgemmell on Twitter.

14. Big Nerd Ranch Blog

Big Nerd Ranch is also one of the pioneers in blogging about iOS development. Aaron Hillegass founded BNR 15 years ago! However, his journey started much earlier, back when he was 10 years old. Over the years he became a truly successful trainer and developer at NEXT. Emily Herman is also a partner at BNR. Follow @BigNerdRanch on Twitter.

15. TapTapTap Blog

Tap Tap Tap founder John Casasanta is a two-time Apple Design Award winner; there’s definitely much to learn from him! John is famous for his leader Mac software promotion site MacHeist and a rather popular app Camera+ that went viral on the App Store. They feature lots of cool stories on their blog. Follow @taptaptap on Twitter.

16. Modern Web

Brian Rinaldi, founder of ModernWeb has made it clear that web development does not have to be boring. He has been doing a great job at offering the readers quality informative articles that at the same time are fun to read. Earlier in his career, Brian helped manage the Adobe Developer Connection. Follow @ModernWebHQ on Twitter.

17. Lookout Blog

Look out, we are about to tell you about one more awesome blog for iOS developers. This blog is extremely valuable for those who have anything to do with security features of the apps. They constantly post super useful tips and info on various topics. Lookout is a mobile security solution provider company focused on preventing mobile attacks on time. Follow @Lookout on Twitter.