17 Must-Read Resources for Windows App Developers

17 Must-Read Resources for Windows App Developers

For resources that cover all of the information a Windows developer could need, check out this list of the 17 top online resources for Windows app developers.

If you are a Windows developer, you work in an industry that is always changing. It takes time and effort to keep your skills up to date, and you need to stay informed on the latest trends and changes in technology. With Windows being the most popular PC operating system in the world, you have an overwhelming array of different sites and blogs that can offer valuable news and information. In fact, there is so much, that it can take a considerable amount of time and effort just to sort through them all. In writing this blog, we decided to help the Windows developers out there by looking into many of the Windows resources that are online and recommending the ones that we think offer the greatest value. Here are 17 must-read resources we found.

1. Windows Blog

With the Windows blog, you can get the latest information and resources right from the source for building your skills. This is a blog from Microsoft and it covers all things Windows. They have a developers section that should be on the reading list of every professional in this field, and the main blog will have news, tips, tutorials, and more. It not only covers things like the latest updates to the Windows OS for PC, but they also talk about Microsoft products like the Surface tablets and Windows Phone devices. Follow on Twitter

2. Microsoft Development Center

At the Microsoft Development Center, you have a range of tools and resources that can be useful to developers that work on Microsoft products. You have a vast array of tools that can be used for developing Windows apps, they have a number of different downloads, articles that can help a developer to stay current, and explanations that can help a developer to learn different processes. If you work on Windows products, this basically is a must have range of resources. Follow on Twitter

3. Tutorials Point Windows Development Tutorial

Tutorials Point is basically a free online learning center for developers. Along with Windows, you can learn about systems like Android, iOS, and more. In the Windows Development Tutorial from Tutorial Point, a reader can learn the complete process of building apps for the Windows 10 operating system. It starts off with the very basic process of building a Windows app, and then the reader can move on to a range of more advanced resources that can be good for learning specific techniques. This can be great for people who are new to the world of Windows app development as well as people that have years of experience. Follow on Twitter

4. Windows Central

With Windows Central, you have a site that is a hub for news and opinion, covering all things relating to Windows. It is a site that can be useful to both consumers and developers and it contains information that can be of interest for people that use Windows 10 PCs, the Windows Phone, Windows tablets, and just about anything else from Microsoft. With this site, you will get the latest news, reviews of Windows products, tips, tutorials and more. Follow on Twitter

5. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is a blog for designers and developers. The site contains a wide assortment of content that covers more than just design and development for Windows apps. By browsing the site, you can learn all sorts of useful information about technology and it provides a range of tips for developing apps, and using different programs in both your personal and professional life. If you want to find interesting pieces on technology news, opinion, tips and inspiration, then Hongkiat is a site that you have to check out. Follow on Twitter

6. The Verge- Microsoft

For resources that cover technology and its relationship to modern culture, there are few sites that can compare with The Verge. You will find the latest news and opinion pieces concerning the advances in technology and they have a Microsoft section that covers everything relating to Microsoft properties like the Windows 10 OS, Windows Phones, Xbox and more. You can find info on new product releases, reviews, news stories about the latest updates to the operating system, and info about the company. It is not specifically a resource for developers, but it is a great place for developers and consumers to get all of the latest info on Microsoft. Follow on Twitter

7. Dev Pro Connections- Windows Development

Dev Pro Connections is essentially a community site for developers and other professionals in the industry. The site contains a wide range of resources for the different versions of the Windows OS, and it has a news section that can keep developers up to date on all of the news that is relevant to the operating system. Along with the news, you can also find resources on coding, some opinion pieces, and tips for keeping your operation at the cutting edge of Windows development. Follow on Twitter

8. Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a free suite of learning resources for IT professionals. At this site, you can learn about developing for Windows 10, cloud development, game development, and more. The various online courses can start you out with the basics that beginners will need to get started and it continues on to build the user’s skills and knowledge. If you are just starting as a developer, it can help to set the foundation that you will need for success, but the site has a deep knowledge base that can offer value to even the most experienced developers. Follow on Twitter

9. Channel 9- Windows Topic

With Channel 9, you have a site from developers and tech experts at Microsoft. The site provides insights into the conversations that go on among Microsoft tech experts, and it offers news, tips, videos, and tutorials for Microsoft. The site is sort of a combination of community, blog, news site, and information resource. As a developer, you can go to Channel 9 to learn more about the Windows OS and to have discussions with other developers. Follow on Twitter

10. Developer- Microsoft

At Developer.com, you have a source that provides a great selection of resources for developers that work on Windows and a range of other coding systems. The site has a section that is specifically set to covering everything from Microsoft and you can find learning resources like tutorials and all of the breaking news about Microsoft and the Windows 10 OS. It is a fairly technical site, so it is not going to be good for the consumer, but it does offer a high value for professionals that develop apps for Windows. Follow on Twitter

11. Visual Studio

The Microsoft Visual Studio is a development environment from Microsoft that is used to create programs for Windows. With the Visual Studio blog, you have a source of information about the latest news on the Visual Studio environment, tips for developing apps, and a range of resources that can improve a developer’s skills and knowledge when it comes to using the Virtual Studio. Follow on Twitter

12. Windows App Tutorials

The Windows App Tutorials site is basically a blog and resource page for developing apps for Windows 8, Windows 10, and the Windows Phone. It is designed to provide developers with more than just the basic tutorials, but instead, it looks into different topics in an in-depth manner. The site provides full tutorials for developing apps and it covers topics down to the smallest details. It has an extensive database of learning resources that covers a wide range of topics, and they offer a range of quick tips for specific processes.

13. Code Better

With Code Better, you have a blog site that is run by developers who work with Microsoft products. On the site, these developers share their experiences in the industry, provide tips to other developers, and discuss the latest news and trends. The idea behind the site is to help other professionals in staying informed and to promote the best practices and methodologies for software development. It isn’t quite the all-encompassing set of tutorials and tips that you would find with some of these other resources, but it is a unique perspective from real software development professionals. Follow on Twitter

14. Bill Reiss

Bill Reiss is a software consultant and a developer. On his blog, he talks about topics relating to Windows products, and he shares his opinions about different developments in the industry. In some posts, he shares information and instruction for different processes and in others, he just talks about the latest news and offers his perspective on certain issues. Follow on Twitter

15. SubramanyamRaju

This is a blog from Subramanyam Raju, he is a developer and the winner of several Microsoft awards, including the Most Valuable Professional Award for 2015 and 2016. The focus of the blog is sharing tutorials for developing Windows apps, but he also talks about his experience working with the Windows OS. Follow on Twitter

16. Ed Squared

Ed Squared is the blog from Ed Blankenship, Microsoft’s Product Manager for Visual Studio online. With this blog, Blankenship talks about his experience in the industry and he also writes posts that cover helpful topics for developers. With this resource, you can get good advice about the development process and learn some things about developing apps for Windows. Follow on Twitter

17. Hanselman

This is a blog from Scott Hanselman, a programmer and a member of the web platform team at Microsoft. The blog is fairly technical and it does cover other topics but is mostly about developing apps for Windows. By reading this blog, you can learn different tips for developing apps and he also shares his opinion on various subjects relating to technology and culture. Follow on Twitter   This list covers a wide range of different resources that can be valuable to Windows app developers. With some covering tutorials and learning, and others offering news, opinion. and reviews, you should be able to find all of the information that you need from these selected resources. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments! We would also like to hear which of these are your favorites and why.

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