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The Best Android Developer Blogs to Follow Now

We've searched the internet and sorted the wheat from the chaff to help you find your new favorite Android developer blog.
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Android developers work in an ever-changing field where updates are sown almost daily. Luckily, there are dozens of blogs and other great resources out there that offer the latest news, tips, and tricks on how to excel in Android development. Whenever we talk about it, there is one question that we hear more than any other...

What is the best blog for Android developers?

Well, the answer is there is no right answer. Each and every source has its own focus and character. What you need to do is find the one that suits best your taste. To satisfy all apetites, we've compiled a menu of well-chosen favorites.

Android's Official Blog

If you want to get the latest news on Android, then you might as well get it direct from the source. This blog can appeal to fans of the operating system and people that use Android devices, so it is not necessarily a blog that is targeted at developers, but it is a great source for all of the latest news on the operating system.

Android Developer’s Blog

This is the blog from the Android Developer’s site. The website is known for having all of the latest news on Android and it can provide you with a number of tips for developing apps and staying current in the Android marketplace. If you are an Android developer, you’ll love all of the training resources and the wealth of information.

Android Guys

With this site, you have an information base that covers all things Android. The Android Guys talk about products, tips for Android users, the latest news on the operating system, and they have reviews and buying guides for consumers. If you want to know something about a specific Android operating system or a device that runs on Android, this is one of the best places to start your search.

Gizmodo Android

As a media brand, Gizmodo focuses on design, technology, and science. With this section on their blog, you’ll find an area that is specifically dedicated to the world of Android devices. It is not specifically a blog for developers, but it does cover Android news and offers a range of tips and useful recommendations for Android users.

TechCrunch Android

TechCrunch is an online publication that covers everything in tech news and this is their blog dedicated to the Android operating system. The blog covers all of the latest Android news, they have reviews of apps and devices, and they offer tips for people that use Android devices. The site itself makes for a great place to get the latest news on the Android OS, apps that are in development, and the newest technology that will work with Android.

Android Advices

At Android Advices, you have a site that is mostly geared toward users in the Android market. It covers news, info, and reviews, and you can find information about Android apps and devices. This site covers all of the latest information about the industry and it can be a great place to learn about devices that operate on the Android OS.

Talk Android

As one of the longest-running Android-focused blogs, Talk Android is a solid source of information for all news on the Android OS. On this blog, you can find stories about the latest Android news, pieces about the industry, reviews on Android devices, as well as guides to using Android devices. The site covers a wide scope, so it can be good for people that want information that is a little more in-depth.

Android UI Patterns

From Juhani Lehtimäki of Fat Robot, a company that develops and designs Android apps, you have Android UI Patterns. This is a blog for developers and designers that work on Android and it mostly focuses on designing better Android apps. You can also find the writer’s opinions on issues relating to different aspects of the operating system and the Android market in general. It is not a news site, but it is a place where a developer can learn a thing or two.


As a company that provides training and consultancy for Android development, Vogella is a great source of information. On the site, you can find a range of tutorials that teach everything from the basics of Android development to more advanced strategies and techniques. It offers one of the best resources for people that are looking to learn about development for the Android OS.

Android Weekly

Android Weekly is a weekly newsletter that focuses on the world of Android developers. Along with the newsletter, you can find tips for developers, tutorials, and a range of different news items that should be of interest to those that work in Android design and development.

Android UI UX

From Taylor Ling, an Android design specialist, you have the Android UI UX blog. With this blog, Ling shares his opinions on what it takes to make a good Android app and he often provides tips to his readers concerning the development process and ways that apps can be improved for a better user experience.

Android Authority

Android Authority is a site that covers news and opinion for the Android operating system. The site offers content from a diverse range of bloggers and experts, and it posts all of the latest news and reviews for products and apps. It also has a section just for Android developers. It is not quite as technical as some of the other sites on the list, but it can be a valuable resource for getting all of the latest information.

Android Central

At Android Central, you have more of an Android news site. You can get all of the latest stories concerning the Android operating system, apps that are in development, devices, and accessories. In addition to that, it also provides readers with buying guides and reviews for Android products and they offer some tips and tutorials for using Android devices and apps.

Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Guide is a tech-focused internet publication that covers everything from the newest TVs to Smartphones, apps, and computers. In their Android section, you can learn about the newest developments with the operating system and they offer helpful reviews and tips for phones that operate on Android.

Blue Stacks

Owned by Blue Stacks, Android Tap is a site that specializes in Android app reviews. Along with the app reviews, you can learn about app updates, phones, accessories, and news relating to the industry. If you want to know whether an app is worth trying or find a good app for a specific purpose, Android Tap is one of the best sources for sorting out the good from the bad.

Still not enough?

With this list, you have blogs and resources that cover everything from consumer-focused information to resources that are highly technical for developers. While no single resource may have everything that an Android developer will need, by following a few of these blogs, you can stay up to date and learn new things that can help to make you a better developer. And if you feel like delving into different areas of software development beyond Android from time to time, here is our curated list of the best software development blogs.

Happy reading and of course, happy coding!