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Jason Hemingway | Phrase

Jason Hemingway

Jason Hemingway, a seasoned B2B marketing expert with over 20 years of experience, serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Phrase, a leading cloud-based localization technology provider. A former Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and CIM qualified, his marketing journey began at Dow Jones Newswires, where he spent several years in the complex arena of trading room systems and real-time news. Jason then made a move to IntraLinks, where he spearheaded the European marketing department, contributing to the company’s success until shortly after its IPO in 2010. Joining marketing technology provider Thunderhead in 2011 as VP Marketing, he took charge of the EMEA and APAC regional marketing teams, becoming CMO in 2015. He applied his expertise to strengthen the brand's presence and drive growth across the globe until the sale of Thunderhead to Medallia in 2022. His career is marked by strategic marketing leadership and a passion for innovation and data, which continues to drive results and success.