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Imperial Clinical Research Services is a global leader in clinical trial solutions, support, and global fulfillment. Specializing in patient engagement, clinical translation, ancillary supplies, and the development and printing of clinical study materials, it boasts over 40 years of industry experience, serving over 100 countries annually.


Improving translation efficiencies and ensuring tighter control

Imperial’s translation operations span the U.S. and the U.K., with hundreds of linguists supporting over 100 languages. The company sought to streamline translation processes, reduce manual-intensive tasks, and control translation memory, while continuing to ensure consistency. Additionally, they aimed to protect their translation memory from client reviewers’ influence while still offering its benefits.

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Choosing Excellence: Why Imperial Opted for Phrase TMS

Erica Manning, Imperial’s Creative and Language Services Manager, evaluated over 20 solutions before selecting Phrase. Imperial favored a provider familiar to most linguists and found Phrase’s established market position, user-friendly interface, and automation capabilities compelling.

Phrase TMS was successfully implemented, and the cost savings were nothing short of transformative. The implementation process, initially planned for three months, was completed well ahead of schedule, showcasing the efficiency and ease of integration that Phrase TMS brought to the table.

We were waiting for the right technology to meet our specific needs and Phrase definitely achieved that.

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Erica Manning
Creative and Language Services Manager

One of the most significant advantages was the automation benefits provided by Phrase TMS. Its automatic workflows streamlined the release cycle, allowing translation files to move seamlessly through the process. This, in turn, translated to quicker project completion and delivery, a critical factor for Imperial’s translation workload.

Phrase’s commitment to quality assurance upheld the accuracy and consistency of translations. Exceptional customer support, immediate assistance for linguists and project managers, and direct communication made the transition smooth, negating the need for Imperial’s internal IT intervention.

Moreover, Imperial skillfully managed client reviewers, many untrained in linguistics, allowing them to benefit from the translation memory without affecting its integrity—an essential control for a clinical research enterprise.

Stats & facts

The measurable impact of Phrase on Imperial’s translation & localization strategy

2 hrs saved
in tag troubleshooting
500 linguists
use Phrase TMS
< 3 months
implementation timeline
100+ languages
handled in Phrase TMS

Why Phrase?

Imperial chose Phrase TMS as the solution for several compelling reasons:

  • Translation Memory control: Phrase TMS empowered Imperial to effectively manage and control its translation memory, enabling them to isolate specific changes from the translation memory, preserving its integrity.
  • Market leadership: Phrase’s respected industry standing meant many linguists were already acquainted with its software.
  • User-friendly interface: The intuitive design of Phrase TMS facilitated team adoption, ensuring a smooth transition and speedy integration.
  • Efficiency enhancement: Phrase TMS eliminated the common issue of tag troubleshooting, saving valuable time and effort in the translation process.
  • Exceptional customer support: Phrase’s outstanding support ensured a seamless experience throughout and beyond implementation.

Results & benefits 

Phrase—Quick and easy rollout, improved automation, and unrivaled customer support

  • Implementation timeline: Phrase TMS was successfully implemented well ahead of the scheduled three-month timeline, showcasing its efficiency and ease of integration.
  • Reduced release cycle times: Automatic workflows cut down release cycle times, facilitating swifter translation file processing and project delivery.
  • Fewer issues with tags: Phrase TMS’s quality assurance capabilities ensured accurate and consistent tagging. This led to fewer troubleshooting issues, some of which could take up to 2 hours.
  • Consistency and control: Phrase TMS let client reviewers benefit from the translation memory without altering it, ensuring a consistent and controlled translation approach.


Transformed processes and streamlined operations

Imperial transformed its translation processes with Phrase TMS. The software’s ease of use, powerful automation, and exceptional support, streamlined operations and ensured control over its translation memory. With enhanced efficiency, faster project completion, and consistent translation processes, Phrase TMS has become an indispensable tool in Imperial’s clinical research endeavors.

Phrase is extremely tech savvy and is really good at what it does. The huge differentiator of Phrase versus other competitors is that it’s a tech company first, and that really stands out. It has a great product and amazing customer support.

Erica Manning

Creative and Language Services Manager at Imperial Clinical Research Services

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