Perfect your designs for multiple languages

Phrase now helps localization teams test and quickly iterate on translated interfaces without leaving Sketch.

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Speed up your workflow with our Sketch integration

No more Lorem ipsum or copy-paste

Real copy in all the languages you need to design for! Let Phrase autotranslate your source copy with machine translation so you can quickly sync it back into Sketch. See what your entire Sketch designs will look like in other languages. Easily switch languages of your designs and catch layout issues early on.

Frictionless exchange

Push the text elements of your design to Phrase and pull final copy and translations provided by your colleagues—all with two clicks, without leaving Sketch. No more file shuffling with emails, spreadsheets or images.

Guidelines for your team

Was the interface you designed perfect until you saw it broken after being translated? Easily enforce a character limit for each text element. Provide your language specialists with enough context to craft translations that fit your interface.

Iterate and perfect faster

Have your translations ready for multilingual user tests, export mockups or upload your screens to any App Store. You can sync designs and copy whenever it's needed, all with finished translations. Always use up-to-date texts for your redesigns.

Don’t know how to get started?

Download the demo file, and check out how easy it is to use our Sketch integration.

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Still have questions on how to set it up? Go to our docs.

Bring design and translation together

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