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Aiming to strengthen its market-leading position and bring its application suite to a larger global audience, Cvent launched an organization-wide effort to localize its products worldwide. Therefore, Cvent needed an efficient and effective way for developers, copywriters and translators to collaborate on localization projects – and Phrase was the answer.


Enabling globalization

In November 2016, Cvent merged with fellow industry leader, Lanyon Solutions, establishing itself as the market leader in meetings, events, and hospitality technology.

Keen to protect its dominant market position and seize new opportunities in the largely untapped industry, Cvent set its sights on serving a wider global audience.

To realize this strategy, the software provider aimed to reach an ambitious 18 languages across 100 countries.

Michael Stemle, Jr., Principal Software Engineer at Cvent, takes up the story: “Our developers, copywriters, and translators are distributed all around the world, which makes collaborating effectively on localization projects very challenging; especially, because we didn’t have a centralized translation management platform.”

Relying on spreadsheets and decentralized internal tools can lead to considerable delays and confusion. Prior to Phrase, Cvent’s teams in different locations were confronted with a myriad of manual processes, increasing the possibility of human error.

“With the new push to reach a wider global audience, it was important to our business that we worked on features at the same time as localization”, adds Michael Stemle. “For this reason, it was essential that our developers would be able to coordinate with writers and translators in real time to make changes to resources already in the pipeline.”

Additionally, Cvent’s translation management needed important translation management features, such as version history and in-context editing, making life particularly easier for both developers and translators.

“Grâce à Phrase, nous avons pu moderniser notre processus de localisation et offrir notre suite d'applications à une audience mondiale plus large.”

Michael Stemle Jr.
Principal Software Engineer, Cvent


Modernizing translation management

The software provider set about looking for a new tool to centralize translation management across its entire organization – a solution that could provide automation, versatility, and simplicity.

After evaluating a wide range of solutions based on these extensive selection criteria, Phrase resulted to be the most attractive all-in-one, web-based localization platform.

“We dug into the problem domain with more than a dozen vendors,” recalls Michael Stemle. “We looked at all of the things they supported, and all of the things we needed, and we found that Phrase more than met our requirements.”

However, the deciding factor was the collaborative approach of the Phrase team. Michael Stemle explains: “During the demos, we found that Phrase was super responsive in answering our questions, and they were willing to work with us on our specific challenges. It was clear that they weren’t simply trying to sell us a product, they actually wanted to help us succeed – we weren’t just customers, we were partners.”

By integrating the workflows of both technical writers and translators into a single, central dashboard, Phrase streamlines Cvent’s translation management and makes it clear who is working on what, and when. Additionally, process automation significantly accelerates localization and minimizes human error.

Michael Stemle continues: “From the developer perspective, we found Phrase to be particularly intuitive and easy-to-understand. It also supports all the languages and file formats we use, and enables us to effortlessly switch between them.”


Unprecedented efficiency

With Phrase, Cvent is transforming its entire localization process, from inception to release. The organization is set to achieve unprecedented levels of localization efficiency.

“We expect to complete the migration to Phrase within a year of closing,” says Michael Stemle. “We’re already seeing benefits and, once complete, we’re estimating time savings of as much as 30% for translation management thanks to the reduction in mistakes and confusion.”

The new, centralized management platform ensures that employees can effectively collaborate on localization projects regardless of location and time zone – putting Cvent’s 18 locale, 100 country internationalization strategy firmly within reach.

Michael Stemle confirms: “With Phrase, we have been able to modernize our localization process and bring our suite of applications to a wider, global audience.”

Fonctionnalités utilisées


Projets multiples

Alors que les projets logiciels deviennent plus importants et plus complexes, il peut s'avérer utile de les scinder en modules pour que leur gestion soit réalisable. C'est également vrai pour les projets de localisation de logiciel.


Rôles des Utilisateurs et Contrôle d'Accès

Organisez votre équipe de localisation en attribuant à chaque membre de l'équipe des rôles et des droits d'accès spécifiques, en fonction des projets et des locales.


Verification System

Automatically notify your translators about changes in the source language and request a revision of the translated keys to ensure a consistent communication in all languages.

Qu'est-ce que Cvent ?

Cvent est une société de gestion d'événements d'entreprise basée sur le cloud, dont le siège social est à McLean, aux États-Unis, avec un puissant logiciel de gestion d'événements en ligne.

Qu'offre Cvent ?

Cvent propose des solutions logicielles qui aident à gérer et à optimiser les processus et les chaînes de valeur de l'inscription en ligne, de la sélection des sites, de la gestion des événements, des applications mobiles pour les événements, du marketing par e-mail et des enquêtes Web.

Qui utilise Cvent ?

Plusieurs personnes impliquées dans le processus de gestion d'événements, telles que les planificateurs d'événements, les marketeurs et les hôteliers utilisent les solutions de gestion d'événements Cvent. À ce jour, plus de 30 000 clients à travers le monde ont utilisé le logiciel.

Que pouvez-vous faire avec Cvent ?

Les solutions logicielles conviviales proposées par Cvent permettent aux organisateurs d'augmenter la participation et l'engagement des invités de leur événement. Les utilisateurs du logiciel peuvent maximiser et optimiser le processus de planification et de marketing des réunions et des événements, les exécuter sur place, faire participer le public et analyser les résultats.


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    Connected with customers across 100 countries
  • timelapse
    Streamlined localization processes
  • dashboard
    Centralized collaboration hub for developers, writers, translators
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