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Frequently asked questions

The new Phrase Localization Suite

Find out what this means for you. Feel free to connect with our team if you have any additional questions.

We have renamed Memsource to Phrase TMS. This change is part of the unification of our products into the Phrase Localization Suite. You can log in and access your existing and unchanged Phrase TMS account via our new website:

We have renamed Phrase to Phrase Strings. This change is part of the unification of our products into the Phrase Localization Suite. You can log in and access your existing and unchanged Phrase Strings account via our new website:

To better serve our customers with a complete suite of tools to fit all localization use cases. Learn about our product vision here.

The Phrase Localization Suite brings together our software localization platform (Phrase) and our Translation Management System (Memsource) to cover all aspects of localization across an enterprise. It is an extra layer of functionality to integrate our products more deeply. The Phrase Suite will allow you to seamlessly work and navigate between our products and manage shared data without the need to re-authenticate.

Learn more about our new brand and the Phrase Localization Suite by joining us on Friday, October 7th from 11-12 PM CEST for a very special live webinar with CEO Georg Ell.

Georg will speak about the evolution of Memsource and Phrase, and provide an outlook on our new Phrase product vision.

Yes, you will still be able to use our products independently. The new Phrase Localization Suite is designed to grow with your team, so you will be able to effortlessly trial another product or add new features as you need them.

The Phrase Suite will come with a set of new functionalities such as:

  • A unified login experience to access both platforms and discover the benefits of the new end-to-end suite
  • A refreshed, more-intuitive user interface for enhanced ease of use and navigation
  • A seamless integration to sync content between both platforms
  • Unified user and subscription management
  • New machine translation and artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Additional integrations, connectors to drive connectivity and collaboration

Yes, the Phrase Localization Suite will be available to both data centers in the US and EU. Our customers will be able to choose their preferred data center upon sign-up. Please note some current limitations here.

There will be no impact to all existing API’s. All customer or third party integrations with Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings will continue to work without any changes.

There is no change in the legal entity that is providing the Phrase Strings or Phrase TMS product. The only change will be in the name of our entities as our Czech entity becomes Phrase a.s. and our German entity becomes Phrase GmbH. All other business details remain the same, including the company ID number and bank account. In this regard, we are updating our Terms of Services and all customers are informed about the changes separately.