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Phrase Language AI

Boost quality and scale with AI translation

Experience cutting-edge machine translation and LLM aggregation, autoselection, and quality performance scoring with an all-new, powerful API capability. Phrase Language AI is the go-to AI language translation solution without limits, facilitating fast, high-quality, and cost-effective machine translation—whatever the need.

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Extend high-quality machine translation to every employee

The API for Phrase Language AI allows you to truly scale the value of AI-powered translation with company-wide access to secure, company-approved machine translation. Seamlessly extend the power and convenience of high-quality, cost-effective AI language translation to other departments across your organization.

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The Phrase Portal

Scale the value of AI-powered translation. For teams outside localization departments, The Phrase Portal provides secure, immediate, and intuitive access to advanced localization technology.

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Reach the next level of AI-powered language translation

Phrase NextMT leads the way in AI translation tools as the first TMS-ready machine translation engine. It leverages your translation memory fuzzy matches to increase translation quality by up to 50%.

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Leverage instant translations

AI-based translation is available immediately using our fully-managed engines from leading machine translation technology providers like Amazon, DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator. We also handle all AI translation service requirements for you—from quality testing, legal and security evaluation, to setup and payment of machine translation engines.

Explore 30+ supported MT engines

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The optimal MT engine automatically chosen for every translation

Work with the most suitable engine, auto-selected based on your language pair and content type. Our Machine Translation Report shows a 10-20% uplift in accurate translations and translation quality when autoselect is used to choose the optimal generic engine. Phrase Custom AI can then be used to train a domain-specific custom model to elevate translation work quality even further.

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AI translation software for post-editing only where needed

See how much post-editing is required right away. Every machine-translated segment in our translation software has a score based on past performance data. Scores are available for linguists in the editor and for project managers through reports, streamlining the post-editing and overall language translation process.

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Our impact

Phrase Language AI by the numbers

cost-savings with MTPE compared to HT
of translation jobs used MT in 2021
reduction in post-editing volumes

When working with machine translation, our customers expect us to deliver consistent and cost-effective solutions. Phrase creates new business opportunities for us with its unique and innovative Quality Performance Score feature, which helps us implement MT post-editing in a way that benefits both our clients and translators.

Sune Angermeyer

CEO & Founder, LingoOwl

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Leveraging machine translation with Phrase, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in the languages available in our help center. This has helped us stay ahead of our product team—when mobile app stores started requiring localized documentation, we were ready. With innovative features like MT Autoselect, we are confident that we are always leveraging the best possible engine for each translation—whether it’s our games, marketing material, or documentation.

Jeremy Fair

Director of Localization & Business Systems

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Phrase and Phrase Language AI support all the WANA (West Asian North African) languages and offer the correct characters and the correct direction of writing without the need to install language packs or dll files. This frees up valuable time for actual teaching and reduces the risk of hitches.

Björn Olofsson

Associate Teacher at the Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies

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Here to field your questions on our AI translation capabilities

AI translation is the use of artificial intelligence to automatically translate text from the source language to the target language. It relies on advanced algorithms, extensive data sets, and neural networks to improve translation accuracy, consistency, and quality across large volumes of content, diverse language pairs, and specific domains.

Effective AI translation software uses neural machine learning models trained on vast data sets to understand context and provide accurate, fluent translations. It continuously improves over time and adapt to different domains and styles. The best AI translation software can seamlessly integrate into existing translation workflows.

In the project settings, you can define that machine-translated segments with a 100% quality score be set for completion automatically. This means that they’re excluded from post-editing, reducing volumes by 10% on average.

With MT glossaries, you can upload your preferred translations for terms that are important to you so that your terminology is respected during machine translation.

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