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Founded in 2015, Snyk is the pioneer—and now leader—of a new category in cybersecurity: developer security. The company’s mission is to reach every one of the world’s millions of developers to continue their pace of innovation securely. The Snyk Developer Security Platform quickly finds and fixes security issues in proprietary code, open source dependencies, container images and cloud infrastructure, so businesses, within any industry, can embed security directly into their continuous development process.

Snyk is an acronym for “So Now You Know,” which refers to the intelligence it shares with its clients about their security vulnerabilities as well as important remediation next steps. The company is headquartered in Boston and has offices in London, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Zurich, Cluj, Sydney, and Tokyo, with over 1,200 employees worldwide today.

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The Snyk team


From ad-hoc localization to a unified global strategy

As Snyk sought global expansion, the company needed a cohesive, centralized localization strategy rather than catering to immediate ad-hoc localization needs. To champion this vision, they onboarded Maria Heiniluoma as Localization Director. Maria’s initial mandate involved architecting a robust localization strategy, encompassing budgeting, workflow, operations and key performance metrics. A pivotal component of her role was identifying the ideal technology to underpin and advance this strategy.

“The idea of owning our intellectual property and brand voice in all of these languages was something I needed to introduce and was truly passionate about,” Maria said.

Maria sought a Translation Management System (TMS) to anchor Snyk’s comprehensive localization strategy. It was imperative that this system seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing tech stack, including their new CMS as well as their design tool. Maria also needed an intuitive solution capable of handling Snyk’s 10-20 monthly localization projects. The TMS should not only serve her needs but also be user-friendly for potential linguists.

When we began searching for a localization solution and asking for suggestions, Phrase TMS kept coming up. One of our main focuses was to make our website multilingual. Phrase’s Contentful connector has been a key factor in that success.

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Maria Heiniluoma
Localization Director

Additionally, with Snyk’s site initially in English, the company aimed to expand its linguistic reach through a new multilingual platform. Maria was determined to ensure this platform was readily localizable and compatible with her chosen translation tools.


Optimizing localization with Phrase TMS: From selection to seamless integration

While Maria had experience with various Translation Management Systems (TMS) before, none had truly resonated with her. Determined to find the best fit for Snyk, she initiated a proof of concept (POC) to evaluate multiple localization tools. After considering three to four systems and consulting her network of localization peers, Maria discovered that Phrase stood out for its value and user-friendliness.

Impressed by the successful POC with Phrase, Snyk adopted Phrase TMS as its localization solution. In synergy with Contentful, their chosen content management system, Phrase TMS allowed Maria and the web team to manage translations effortlessly, streamlining the process and ensuring rapid delivery of top-tier multilingual content. Within a short time span, Snyk was able to launch its revamped English website followed, just one month later, with the localized French, Japanese, and German sites.

I have used other TMSs and internal localization systems in the past, but I’ve never been able to open a box and start using a system from scratch without substantial engineering support, until I used Phrase TMS.

Maria Heiniluoma portrait | Phrase

Maria Heiniluoma
Localization Director

Stats & facts

The measurable impact of Phrase on Snyk’s operations

< 2 months
to launch 3 translated websites
10-20 projects
localized each month

Why Phrase?

Maria emphasized the significance of customer support, noting, “It’s essential that our translators have a hassle-free experience. Feedback from other users highlighted Phrase’s intuitive user interface and excellent customer support.”

Furthermore, the features in Phrase, such as its glossaries and translation memories (TM), have proven invaluable. The Snyk localization team can directly upload content for translation, bypassing tedious manual processes like copying and pasting. Additionally, the integration of Phrase’s plugin with the design tool allows for real-time previews of translations, further accelerating Snyk’s localization endeavors.

Our decision to adopt Phrase was influenced by its ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, flexibility, and intuitive design—all of these are critical for running global language operations successfully.

Maria Heiniluoma portrait | Phrase

Maria Heiniluoma
Localization Director

Results and benefits

Empowering Localization Efforts through Usability, Scalability, and Speed

  • Streamlined workflows: With Phrase TMS, even a single process owner or champion, like Maria, can efficiently handle Snyk’s diverse localization needs, centralizing and simplifying translation project management.
  • Rapid global expansion: Leveraging Phrase TMS, Snyk successfully launched multilingual websites within 2 months, positioning the company for swift growth into additional markets and languages.
  • Adaptive localization strategy: With Phrase TMS’s inherent flexibility, Snyk can quickly pivot to meet emerging localization demands, be it adding new languages, managing more content or integrating with innovative software.
  • Seamless system integrations: Phrase TMS’s compatibility with platforms like Contentful and Figma ensures a holistic solution, making it a strategic choice for businesses prioritizing integration capabilities.
  • Efficient deployment: Phrase TMS eliminates traditional implementation barriers, enabling users to set up without the typical hassles of coding or sourcing specialist resources, saving both time and costs.
  • Reliable partner support: Phrase’s committed customer success team plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth multilingual launches for Snyk, providing continuous support and guidance when needed.


Partnering for success

Maria views the partnership with Phrase as a shining example of cooperative success. “In today’s landscape, collaboration is key. Companies need to work hand-in-hand, understanding that we’re interdependent—our success relies on yours,” she emphasized.

Maria’s confidence in Phrase is evident as she envisions a lasting partnership.

Not only has Phrase met our expectations, but it has exceeded them. Due to our positive experience, I am pleased to advocate for Phrase among those looking for a TMS that best meets their needs.

Maria Heiniluoma

Localization Director at Snyk

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