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Trustnav first launched their products for the Spanish-speaking market, but soon expanded into the English, French, German, and Portuguese markets. As the company was experiencing a period of rapid growth, established localization processes started to crumble under new demands.

Trustnav had divided their translations between in-house and external translators. Naturally, they were looking for an easy way to track and manage all translations between their internal and external teams. When they found their ideal solution in Phrase Strings’ flexible all-in-one, web-based localization platform, their productivity and growth accelerated.


  • Localization on a single, flexible platform
  • Strengthened quality assurance
  • Eliminated reliance on third-party translators
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Scaling a promising business

After proving the initial concept, young companies like Trustnav enter a phase where they need to expand rapidly to leverage the established momentum. Jase Rodley, Chief Marketing Officer of Trustnav, explains: “We’ve been involved in projects previously where we haven’t been able to scale quickly enough.”

Their team was primarily held back in their expansion efforts by a manual translation process. All translations were stored in JSON files, which were effectively managed like spreadsheets. Also, the coordination between in-house translation teams and external parties was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Trustnav saw the potential to move their translation process to a platform that would enable them to grow as quickly as needed.


The most reliable, all-in-one software localization solution

Due to their strong focus on growth, Trustnav was only looking for solutions that would never limit their expansion. With Phrase Strings, they found an all-in-one solution that was flexible enough to suit their needs.

Phrase Strings’ localization platform helped Trustnav in two major ways. Firstly, they were able to easily visualize when a locale/language was not 100% translated. This stopped a handful of English words from making it into a German extension, for example.

Secondly, it provided Trustnav with a reliable, on-demand translation service. This allowed their team to build much faster, and in languages that they don’t have the capacity to translate internally. Now, Trustnav no longer relies on third-party translators.

Often “all-in-one” means slow, heavy and they dictate the platforms/languages you can use it with. We found Phrase to be the opposite of this.

Jase Rodley

Chief Marketing Officer


Flexibility and ease of use

With Phrase Strings, Trustnav’s development team has an extremely flexible tool that can show the right verbiage in the correct language no matter what they’re building. They highly appreciate that the platform can handle all kinds of diversity.

Jase concludes: “The core benefit is Phrase Strings’ ability to handle a large number of translation keys, and show this to different people in ways that are important to them.”

Phrase Strings has also made another big difference: “We’ve found the quality of translations to be excellent” says Jase about the on-demand translation service. The in-house translators find the platform simple and straightforward to use.

Furthermore, Trustnav’s team was impressed with the smooth transition to the Phrase Strings platform. The available in-depth documentation made this process easy and fast without any irritating trial and error.

All in all, Phrase Strings’ all-in-one solution has provided Trustnav with the flexibility and scalability they need to reach their lofty expansion goals. With translations being managed efficiently and automatically, Trustnav and their development team are building faster than ever.

Features used

Key Phrase Strings features that help Trustnav localize at scale

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The API allows you to import locale files, download locale files, tag keys or interact in other ways with the localization data stored in your Phrase Strings account.
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Translation memory
Speed up your localization process with our translation memory. The translation memory remembers translations used on your projects and suggests matching results.
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Translation ordering
Order translations from one of our trusted language service providers in just a few clicks.

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