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A better way to localize your Contentful content

With the all-new Phrase TMS app for Contentful, you can manage your translations directly in the Contentful CMS to streamline your workflows and deliver high-quality multilingual content.

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Translate your Contentful copy at scale

Phrase Now Premier Partner in Contentful Partner Program

Phrase earns Premier Partner Status in Contentful Technology Partner Program, enhancing AI-driven translation and localization for global digital content.

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Less switching between tools, more streamlined workflows

Say goodbye to manual processes. You can now manage your Contentful translation projects via the Phrase TMS app, directly in Contentful. Automated workflows cover everything from automatically launching a translation project to instantly publishing completed translations from within Contentful—saving you time and effort.

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A higher level of quality and consistency

Leverage automatic quality assurance checks, translation memories, and term bases to ensure your messaging is on-point and truly connects with your audiences.

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Leverage the full potential of machine translation

Speed up the Contentful localization process with end-to-end automation in one central location. Level up scalability and save costs with the widest selection of supported, high-performing machine translation engines, including our very own Phrase NextMT.

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24カ国にわたって拡張性に優れたビジネスを構築するには、翻訳を正しく行うことが重要です。Phrase TMSはその目的において最も優れたソリューションであり、今後のマーケティング活動の重要な柱であり続けるでしょう。社内翻訳者には翻訳メモリと機械翻訳、オープンAPIがもたらす優れた利便性を提供し、当社が採用する「クラス最高」のマーテックアプローチにも完全に適合します。

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