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Expert Panel: Multilingual E-Commerce for Global Brands

Join our dynamic panel discussion with localization experts from leading global brands Puma, On Running, and Glovo. Explore the critical steps of their l10n journeys and gain unique insights into their strategies and lessons learnt.

The webinar in short

From navigating stakeholder education and internal advocacy to the crucial decision-making process behind adding new languages, our panelists will explore the multifaceted aspects of managing localization teams within their organizations.

Whether you’re a seasoned localization professional or exploring the world of global expansion, this webinar offers invaluable perspectives and actionable strategies to unlock success in your localization endeavors:


  • Learn how these industry leaders leverage data-driven approaches, including website traffic and sales numbers, to measure the success of localization efforts and drive business growth.
  • Discover the nuances of content creation in a diverse global landscape, including the delicate balance between maintaining brand integrity and adapting to local markets’ preferences and cultural nuances.
  • Gain valuable insights into optimizing technology for cost and time savings, and leveraging automation and machine translation to achieve scalability.


  • Petra Mesic, Teamhead Translation & Localization Global E-commerce at Puma
  • Stefania Russo, Head of UX Content at Glovo
  • Matteo Nonne, Localization Program Manager at On