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Kontent’s headless, content-first approach connects to Phrase to create automated translation workflows for every use case and content type. integration visual | Phrase
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Simplify project management

Phrase seamlessly integrates with Kontent so that users can publish multilingual content easily, without leaving the Kontent interface.

Streamline your workflow

No more downloading and uploading files, or copy and pasting content for translation. The integration seamlessly sends content for translation and automatically updates your content.

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A seamless process

Easily manage projects from within Kontent. Assign translation providers to projects and monitor translation progress. Completed translations are automatically sent back to Kontent. automation | Phrase

Ensure brand consistency

Automated quality assurance and terminology checks ensure the right terminology and messaging is used across your multilingual content.

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Getting translations right is crucial when building a scalable business across 24 markets. Phrase has proven to be the pinnacle of that ambition, and will continue to be a vital cornerstone in our future marketing operations. Providing us ease-of-use for our internal translators, assisted by translation memory and machine translation as well as an open API, perfectly fit our “best of breed” martech approach.

Andreas Mailand

Head of Digital Sales

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