Phrase Continues to Define Next-Generation Localization Software with New AI-Driven Technology Capabilities

September 13, 2023

The latest AI-fueled enhancements transform the end-to-end translation process, for faster delivery times, higher-quality translations and greater cost control.
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Boston, USA, September 13, 2023 – Phrase, the global leader in enterprise localization software, announced several new innovative AI capabilities as part of its latest releases to the Phrase Localization Platform. Designed to scale high-quality machine translation to every employee across an organization, elevate content quality, and improve workflow automation, these new AI capabilities continue to define the future of localization technology. Customers will experience unparalleled levels of customized and connected machine translation (MT) workflow, unlocking new opportunities for machine translation use in every business. 

At the forefront of September’s releases is the introduction of Phrase Language AI and Phrase Custom AI.

Today Phrase rebrands and extends what was previously called Phrase Translate, now known as Phrase Language AI. This new name better articulates Phrase’s comprehensive AI capabilities including MT and LLM (Large Language Model) aggregation, selection and ML (Machine Learning) quality estimation. The launch of Phrase Language AI includes an all new API that extends the reach of high quality, low cost machine translation to every employee in an enterprise. It allows customers to truly scale the value of MT, with company-wide access to secure, company-approved machine translation. Translation quality is better than a single-vendor MT engine approach, as Phrase quality systems intelligently select the optimal engine for each use case, seamlessly integrating with translation memory. Localization teams can now extend the value they bring to the entire business, facilitating rapid and cost-efficient localization of a greater volume and variety of content, from help center and learning & development information, to sales, marketing & service communications, all executed with exceptional quality, without expensive post-editing.  

Taking quality to the next level, Phrase Custom AI provides a sophisticated environment that allows businesses to create, tailor and deploy multiple customized machine learning models that are optimized for specific needs, significantly boosting translation quality. Even sophisticated content can now be translated to a very high standard, at speed, saving significant costs compared with traditional post-editing. Custom models can be trained, no code, to achieve a high level of quality suitable for complex content such as legal contracts, sufficient for most business needs while minimizing or even eliminating the need for post-editing.

Phrase Custom AI will train models based on Phrase NextMT (Phrase’s proprietary MT engine). The custom models will be accessed through Phrase Language AI, and will be available to every employee in the company via API, should the customer choose. 

Additionally, Phrase Orchestrator – the most sophisticated localization automation tool on the market, becomes even more user-friendly and accessible with the introduction of a library function, pre-populated with example templates. Its improved file management capabilities also opens the door to new applications like language pivoting.

As part of this September set of releases, Phrase is also introducing additional enhancements to the Phrase Localization Platform, including new language pairs (English-Japanese, English-Swedish) for Phrase NextMT, over-the-air updates for Web in Phrase Strings, and various collaboration and translation memory improvements. 

“We’re excited to announce these truly cutting-edge AI capabilities to our already powerful Phrase Localization Platform,” said Phrase CEO Georg Ell. “The recent Nimdzi Compass positioned Phrase as a New Visionary – a player that disrupts the market. These latest releases continue our consistent approach to innovation and there is plenty more to come. As this and all our releases this year demonstrate, we continue to raise the bar of what customers should and can expect, and we firmly believe that the core elements of AI, Workflow and Scale, with Dynamic Quality Evaluation throughout, will define the next-generation localization technology platform.”


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