New Release Alert!

Our latest releases represent another significant step towards hyperautomation, with a focus on delivering business value with the introduction of new AI-enhanced capabilities.

New Release Alert!

Our latest releases represent another significant step towards hyperautomation, with a focus on delivering business value with the introduction of new AI-enhanced capabilities.

A world leader in translation technology

Phrase automates, manages, and translates content for deeper customer connections and faster business growth.

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The Phrase Localization Platform

The Phrase Platform is the world’s most powerful, connective, and customizable localization platform. Cloud-based and AI-driven, it empowers organizations to provide customers with access to the content they need in the language they speak.

The Platform is built to automate, manage, translate and integrate content at great speed, accuracy and scale. This means your customers are more engaged, fewer resources are needed and business impact is delivered quickly.

Taking Translation Further

AI-led translation

We believe that the creation of our AI-powered platform is one of the biggest single advancements to happen in localization technology. Baked into the Platform and customised to your needs, Phrase AI is trainable to achieve the most successful outcomes based on the your circumstances and unique goals. In real time, the system automates the selection of the most effective translation services, incorporates brand terms, and scores content quality based on an array of context and circumstances. This means you are able to achieve much more, with less.


Phrase Orchestrator adds the ability to customize and fully automate localization processes and workflows, allowing your entire organization to access, process and distribute content at lightning speed. Designed for teams who want to build sophisticated workflows with ease, Orchestrator provides a single interface spanning the Phrase Platform of products. And with drag-and-drop functionality, no coding is required.


Phrase Analytics empowers you to build fully individualized reports and powerful data visualizations to track performance and success. The actionable insights from this intelligence mean you’ll be able to track against goals and optimize your data-driven, end-to-end localization process. SQL knowledge is not required, so there’s no need to rely on a BI team to create sophisticated reports.


With over 50 integrations (and counting…), Phrase can connect to your existing localization systems with ease. The ‘plug and play’ nature of the Platform protects existing workflows, allows you to retain current tools, and enables incredible speed to value. And, in the unlikely scenario that a connection doesn’t exist, our engineers can build it.

We’re producing over 20 emails a week, and the platform ensures every single one is on-brand, localized, and responsive, without any engineering effort.

Megan Walsh

Global Head of Lifecycle Marketing

We explored multiple localization solutions, but Phrase emerged as the indisputable frontrunner. Thanks to Phrase we have more control over our timelines. The languages team turns around a localization request in about a week, and this is never in doubt.

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown

Chief Languages Services Officer at what3words

Phrase has become an indispensable part of our localization strategy at BlaBlaCar. Our plans include scaling the range of materials localized within the Phrase platform, particularly our help center and customer relationship content. This in turn will bolster business, improve customer satisfaction, and drive loyalty. This strategic shift reflects the efficiency gains we’ve achieved through Phrase and our commitment to delivering top-quality services to our customers globally through streamlined translation and localization processes.

Simon Rimbert

Simon Rimbert

Senior Localization Project Manager at BlaBlaCar

Deliveroo wouldn’t have a localization process without Phrase. Investing in the Phrase Localization Platform, we have managed to centralize the process and ensure consistency with all types of content. Most importantly, thanks to Phrase, we’ve helped improve time to market and customer satisfaction in new regions.

Cristina Marín

Cristina Marín

Senior Localization Manager at Deliveroo

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