From Pain Points to Peak Productivity: How Clearly Local Increased Global Content Delivery by 30%

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Clearly Local is an end-to-end global content solution provider with decades of industry experience that translates its clients’ value to the world through content creation, translation, and localization testing, spanning the entire content lifecycle.

Understanding the importance of transparency between translation providers and their customers, Clearly Local’s commitment to open and effective communication keeps its clients’ costs low and efficiency high.

The company focuses on servicing high-tech companies in industries such as app development, telecommunications, new energy, automotive, AI, engineering, IoT, internet, gaming and life sciences. With headquarters in Hong Kong, branches in mainland China, a strong presence in France, the UK, Mexico, and India, and customers all over the world, it is a truly global company.


Tackling slow and repetitive manual processes 

As Digital Transformation Director for Clearly Local, Lionel Rowe oversees the refinement of business processes and technology, seeking solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality across the business. Handling 128 language pairs for its client base, translation and localization are at the core of Clearly Local’s offering. Thus, maintaining control, ensuring speed, and optimizing efficiency are paramount.

Clearly Local recognized the constraints inherent to offline CAT systems. While such systems may offer a range of CAT tool capabilities, their restricted adaptability with integrations emphasized their shortcomings. Recognizing these challenges, Clearly Local prioritized deploying a robust cloud-based solution from the outset, ensuring access to cutting-edge, scalable technology. Their choice? Phrase TMS.

We recognized the challenges of working with offline files, especially concerning file handling and version control. These issues often cause confusion amongst stakeholders. We quickly recognized that our processes, supervised by one project manager handling multiple content types in various languages, had become slow and cumbersome.

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Lionel Rowe
Digital Transformation Director
Clearly Local


From manual to masterful: Phrase TMS streamlines projects and delights linguists

Wanting to keep projects rolling and reduce turnaround times, Clearly Local began looking at a variety of cloud-based solutions. They considered a number of factors, but most important was a solution that could serve as a ‘one-stop-shop’, that would deliver at pace, was flexible when it came to integrations, and that would unlock new levels of automation for continuous process management whatever the time of day.

After in-depth reviews and comparisons, Clearly Local decided Phrase was the best solution for its needs. “Phrase’s unique presence in China and ability to support our global client base, coupled with the unparalleled compatibility and intuitive user interface of Phrase TMS really stood out. Phrase was a clear winner. In fact, linguists even praised us for transitioning to Phrase TMS as it is very easy to use.”

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The ease of use of Phrase TMS backed by API capability, created a powerful central hub that could easily integrate into Clearly Local’s existing workflow. Many of Clearly Local’s clients prefer working with their own systems, whether self-developed or third-parties like CMS platforms, so flexibility was important to accommodate their needs.

“Regardless of what the client is using, for the most part we’re able to easily bridge them to one centralized environment within the Phrase platform where most workflows are encapsulated, enabling us (Clearly Local) to offer more flexibility to our customers.” Lionel stated.

Stats & facts

Explore the measurable impact of Phrase on Clearly Local’s operations

1,500 projects
translated for clients each year
128 language
pairs processed through Phrase TMS
30% boost
in productivity

Why Phrase?

Clearly Local chose Phrase due to its wide range of features, ease of integration, and user-friendliness. Lionel praises its comprehensive ecosystem, commenting:

“Phrase allows us to keep everything in one centralized platform that easily integrates with other software through its multiple integrations and powerful API. Its ease of use, helpful documentation, and outstanding customer service make it a pleasure to work with. I know the localization team is much happier and more productive since its implementation”.


Clearly Local boosts productivity by 30% with Phrase TMS

Since switching to Phrase TMS, Clearly Local has seen a huge increase in productivity. Lionel credits this to Phrase’s ease of use, compatibility, customer support, and it serving as a one-stop-shop that facilitates automation and streamlines workflows. “Using Phrase TMS we have eliminated a lot of the manual and offline processes, comfortably increasing productivity by over 30%”.

Another productivity booster for Clearly Local is Phrase Language AI. Previously known as Phrase Translate, Phrase Language AI is Phrase’s next-gen AI-powered customizable machine translation software. It boosts translation workflows by creating quality translations faster at a lower unit cost by using the optimal engine, auto-selected based on language pairs and content types.

Following discussions with our customers, we’ve adopted Phrase Language AI. Its output is of exceptional quality, allowing us to allocate fewer resources for a significantly higher output. Its all-new API capability also means that other departments in an organization can also benefit from company-approved, high-quality translation at scale, without relying on the localization team.

Lionel Rowe portrait photo | Phrase

Lionel Rowe
Digital Transformation Director
Clearly Local


Clearly Local’s continuous pursuit of growth and excellence

Clearly Local’s localization team also plans on making use of Phrase NextMT, “we really like the idea of Phrase NextMT and plan to use it in the future to further improve efficiencies” says Lionel. By leveraging user translation memory fuzzy matches, Phrase NextMT—the world’s first TMS-ready machine translation engine—is capable of boosting translation quality by up to 50%. With 128 language pairs handled by Clearly Local in the past year, that’s a whole lot of potential improvement.

Clearly Local, is renowned for its clientele in the fast-paced gaming and high-tech industries, as well as the life sciences sector, where data security is paramount. “Leveraging Phrase’s formidable data security features, we assure our clients of a highly secure environment for their content,” concludes Lionel.

As Clearly Local continues its growth trajectory, its commitment to client satisfaction and trust remains unwavering, and Phrase is delighted to support them on this journey.

Using Phrase TMS we have eliminated a lot of the manual and offline processes, comfortably increasing productivity by over 30%.

Lionel Rowe

Digital Transformation Director at Clearly Local

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