Phrase Accelerates Hyperautomation in Localization with more AI-powered Enhancements

March 13, 2024

New releases drive forward AI, Scalability, and Workflow for unparalleled hyperautomation in localization

BOSTON, MASS, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2024 Today, Phrase, a world leader in AI-led translation technology, announced the launch of more innovative new capabilities to its industry-leading localization platform. The latest enhancements continue to break new ground in localization technology, driving significant opportunities for companies to improve cost saving, quality and scale by bringing the very latest in intelligent automation, AI (Large Language Models & Machine Translation) and configurability to the platform.

“By bringing together machine translation, intelligent routing, quality scoring and the latest generative AI technologies, we’re building the only platform that can deliver hyperautomation for localization. Our customers can now substantially improve the volume, speed and accuracy of their translations, while significantly optimizing total language-related costs. Human review can be focused where it can add maximum value, with intelligent automation and AI adding the speed and scale needed to meet the increasing demands of global organizations,” said Georg Ell, CEO of Phrase.

This launch is headlined by two groundbreaking generative AI capabilities: Auto LQA and AI Actions.

Auto LQA streamlines the Linguistic Quality Assessment (LQA) process by harnessing generative AI to provide an in-depth automated assessment of the quality of any localized content. Phrase customers can now gather fast and accurate quality evaluations at every step of the localization process, aiming to deliver efficiency savings of 60% to 90%  vs. the cost of human post-editing, while enhancing translation consistency and quality.

AI Actions leverages generative AI within the Phrase editor to help users improve translations quickly and easily. Users can choose from a diverse range of actions from enhancing style, to shortening text or improving grammar. AI Actions puts helpful generative AI at the fingertips of every Phrase customer.  

Customers can register for early access to these enhancements here 

The Phrase Portal Arrives

In this release Phrase also officially launches the Phrase Portal. The Phrase Portal provides teams across a business with a secure, company-approved and user-friendly portal with direct access to Phrase Language AI’s high quality machine translation capabilities. With the Phrase Portal, every employee in a company can translate important documents, reports, and messages instantly. Custom Portals with custom MT (machine translation) engines can be delivered to individual departments. Localization teams can now address the significant issue of shadow localization spend and provide even more value across the company. By giving employees access to a company-approved Portal, they address this latent demand. 

MT Customization at scale

Phrase also releases two powerful additions to Phrase Custom AI that help move clients to the next level of MT model customization.

Phrase Quality Performance Score (Phrase QPS)-powered dataset curation allows clients to train MT models on curated Translation Memories (TMs) surpassing a certain QPS threshold. This leads to cleaner data and superior translation quality reducing the need for  post-editing, resulting in better quality and greater efficiency. This evolved workflow combines a focus on quality and automation, enabling scalable quality assessment for teams.

Introducing Phrase Orchestrator Auto-Routing

Phrase Orchestrator‘s new cutting-edge Auto-Routing feature utilizes Phrase Quality Performance Score (QPS) to intelligently route individually translated segments falling below predefined quality thresholds. This groundbreaking capability allows users to focus on refining segments that do not meet desired quality standards. Meanwhile, the majority of a company’s content is automatically translated and assessed, ensuring optimal efficiency and quality control. This granularity of control allows for a level of cost and quality optimization that’s not been possible until now.

In addition to these launch highlights, this release includes a range of additional enhancements and new integrations throughout the Phrase Localization Platform, designed to deliver unparalleled value and efficiency to our customers. 

“Today’s releases represent another important step in our mission to drive forward what’s possible in localization technology. The combination of capabilities Phrase now provides is truly unique and a game changer for today’s global enterprise,” concludes Ell.


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