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Phrase launch week | May 17-24, 2023

Unlock connectivity, unleash opportunity

Connect to the Phrase Suite in new and improved ways with our latest range of connectivity capabilities. From powerful new integrations and enhanced cross-platform synchronization, to optimized ease of use and customization—our new capabilities will add even more speed, quality, and cost control to your localization process.

Enhanced connectivity
across the board

New and improved

cross-platform sync

Enjoy even more connectivity across the Phrase Localization Platform! When keys are added or updated in Phrase Strings, projects can be automatically synced and pre-translated through Phrase TMS, and when these are finalized, translation memories in Phrase TMS can be automatically updated too—ensuring your teams are always working with the most up-to-date content.

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Job Sync May 2023 cadence launch | Phrase

Unlock the power of AI with the Phrase GPT beta program

Want to experience the latest advances in artificial intelligence firsthand? We’re launching our GPT beta program to provide select customers an opportunity to experience our GPT integrations before anyone else.

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GPT Beta Program Feature | Phrase

Powerful new enhancements for Phrase Orchestrator

Eliminate inefficiencies and improve productivity with our new loops, iterations, and pagination features. These improvements replace multiple workflow steps with just one action, so you can perform workflow tasks quicker than ever. Benefit from faster processing times and enhanced user experience when handling large volumes of data.

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Phrase Orchestrator May 2023 cadence launch | Phrase

Our latest suite of releases

Contentful May cadence | Phrase

Manage your translation process directly in Contentful!

Instead of switching between tools, you can now easily manage translations directly in Contentful. The all-new Phrase TMS app for Contentful connects to Phrase capabilities to streamline your localization process and help you deliver high-quality multilingual content at scale.

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Analytics May cadence | Phrase

Instant insights with enhanced analytics

Our new dashboards provide you with instant insights into job quotes, costs and savings, across all content types. This allows you to analyze and monitor your spending patterns, plan your translation budget more effectively, and better allocate resources.

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Phrase NextMT May 2023 cadence launch | Phrase

English to Chinese, and vice versa with Phrase NextMT

Phrase NextMT, our very own TMS-ready machine translation engine, now supports translations for English to Chinese and vice versa! This means that you’ll be able to leverage existing translation memories and glossaries to deliver the best possible MT quality.

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In-context editor May 2023 cadence launch | Phrase

Say goodbye to translations that break designs

The new in-context editor allows translators to see their work reflected in the design in real time—ensuring better quality translations that eliminate back-and-forths, and keep designers and developers happy, too.

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Save time with our completely new advanced search

Struggling to find the right key at the right time? Our new advanced global search allows you to easily filter your search results to pinpoint exactly what you’re after, faster.

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Contextual sidebar May cadence | Phrase

Improve efficiency with the customizable sidebar

The latest version of the customizable contextual sidebar allows you to reorder or hide sections and create the most efficient workspace that works for you.

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Dark mode may cadence LP | Phrase

User-friendly dark mode across the Strings platform

Dark mode is now available across the Phrase Strings interface! With a single click, you can choose a layout that is visually appealing and easy on the eye—supporting sustained performance and productivity.

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