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Over the Air (OTA)

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Learn how to update your app copy within seconds thanks to our Over the Air feature.

Autopilot - Best Practices

In this webinar, we outline the technicalities of the Autopilot feature and best practices on how to build your workflow around it.

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Branching in Phrase

See our Branching feature in action and learn how it can improve your software translation workflow.

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Getting started with Phrase

We go through the first steps after creating an account and show you all basic functionalities of Phrase.

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Giving translators proper context

This webinar is all about context. Increase the quality of your copy by giving translators proper context.

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Everything Translators need to know

Get to know all the functionalities of the Translation Editor and check out our amazing In-Context-Editor.

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Ensure consistent, high-quality translations

Use Autopilot, Translation Memory, Glossary, and our new Checks feature to boost translation quality.

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Get your translations in Sketch

Build your UI for a global audience with our Sketch Plugin.

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Organize your translations with Jobs

Learn all about assigning jobs to translators and proofreaders in Phrase.

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Easy to set up. 
Free 14-Day Trial. 
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Figma Plugin - unite design and translation

Learn how to integrate Figma with Phrase. Send design content to translation with just a few clicks.

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