Memsource and Phrase Announce a New Joint Identity and an Integrated, Enterprise-Ready Localization Suite

September 27, 2022

Two leading localization tech companies announce their new joint identity—unlocking a new category with an integrated suite of localization technology.
The new Phrase | Phrase

New York, USA, September 27, 2022 Memsource, the world’s highest-ranked translation management solution, has formally unified brand identities with Phrase, a localization platform built for software and digital products. Memsource acquired Phrase in 2021. The unified brand, Phrase, was announced today by Memsource CEO Georg Ell as the company also unveiled its new, integrated suite of localization technology. The Phrase Localization Platform brings together the highly integratable software localization platform (Phrase) and the enterprise-ready translation management system (Memsource) to cover all aspects of localization across an enterprise. The Phrase Localization Platform will revolutionize the end-to-end localization experience for organizations seeking to expand to global markets and build deeper connections with international customers, offering the world’s most powerful, connective, and customizable localization platform.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our vision to build a complete, enterprise-grade localization suite that leverages the latest machine translation technology, integrations, and AI for businesses looking to scale to global markets efficiently,” said Ell. “Building on our already impressive momentum, our unified brand identity, together with the exciting launch of the new Phrase Localization Platform, will help organizations push the boundaries of language technology and open the door to truly global business. We’re now bringing the transparency, connectivity, and control every brand needs to unlock new opportunities and improve engagement with customers around the world.”

Unifying the two platforms under one integrated suite allows enterprises to take control of cross-departmental localization by eliminating fragmented ecosystems of people and technology. The new Phrase Localization Platform will bring:

  • A refreshed, more intuitive, modern, and easier-to-use interface for a seamless user experience and navigation within the Suite and its solutions
  • New machine translation and artificial intelligence capabilities to power high-quality, scalable, and fast localization for teams of any size
  • Improved workflow and editor functionality that is not only more intuitive but comes with a set of new and improved customization tools
  • Advanced automation and new automatic project creation to speed up the localization lifecycle and reduce communication overhead
  • Additional integrations, connectors, and UI languages to drive connectivity and collaboration across the entire ecosystem