Built with AI, customization and content management at its core, the Phrase Platform enables
businesses and language services providers to translate, score and automate their
content in a single platform, at incredible scale.

An agnostic approach to providers and powerful analytics means you can continually optimize your program
with new translation vendors, and track performance. The Platform arrives fully loaded with all of its key
capabilities, so it’s easy to start small – and scale fast. (No wonder we are the leader in our field.)

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The Phrase Platform

With Single Sign-on (SSO) and an intuitive interface, getting to grips with the Phrase Localization Platform will take no time.

The Platform brings together a number of capabilities in a central system that can be tailored to your use cases and business goals:

Phrase Translation Management System (TMS)

The Phrase TMS allows organizations of any size to centralize multiple translation needs and content types from different departments. It is able to organize, track, and automate the end-to-end process, ingesting a wide range of assets and resources. The technology can also customize machine translation outputs and post-editing workflows, providing access to brand-owned translation memories, term bases, and multiple translation vendors.

Our TMS is vendor-agnostic, allowing you to work with any language service provider (LSP) of your choice, or your own in-house localization teams. Phrase TMS is ideal for enterprise customers, marketers, and localization teams, and can be invaluable when you need:

Document-based files where segments have a specific order.

A fully-featured editor 
(useful for pro translators)

Localization project managers to customize workflow automation, report on costs, or utilize MT features.

Transactional workflows when content may be stored elsewhere.

Phrase Strings

Phrase Strings is a string management platform designed for key-based translations. It provides a centralized location where you can store and manage software content, source copy, and translations, extracting the “strings” (or segments of words) from code repositories or design files. Created to translate apps and digital product including complex websites, the technology is a huge asset to product teams, engineers, and designers.

Strings plugs into your existing tech stack with east, and is the perfect solution:

For those working in agile workflows that prioritize quick turn-around times and automation.

For managing software copy that is key-based, without a specific order.

When digital product teams seek a translation solution that’s easy to implement and works with their existing toolset.

When your teams needs a 
’single source of truth’ for software or digital copy in a 
fast-paced environment.

Phrase Language AI

Phrase Language AI provides sophisticated, secure and scalable machine translation, and opens up potent new use cases. Harnessing the intelligence of fully-managed engines from over 30 leading machine translation providers (including Amazon, DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator), automatic selection is based on your unique language pair, content type, and objectives. Language AI can handle everything—from QA testing, legal and security evaluation, to setup and payment of the translation engines. With the Phrase Portal providing secure and immediate access to our advanced machine translation capability you can also extend AI-powered translation to every employee.

Quality Technologies

Phrase Quality Technologies places quality analysis and transparency at the heart of the Phrase Platform, ensuring that your content consistently meets your quality standards. Developed by our renowned team of experts in quality technology, users can leverage our proprietary Quality Performance Score, based on the industry standard MQM framework. You can also utilize our full set of QA tools, including the our Auto LQA capability that uses Generative AI to fully automate the LQA process, saving the time and cost spent on manual quality assessments.

Phrase Custom AI

Phrase Custom AI is your very own custom translation model, significantly improving translation efficiencies and reducing dependencies on external tools and partners. In real-time, the system selects the most suitable translation services based on your brand, business, and customer needs. Incorporating your brand terminology and past translations, it also evaluates content quality based on an array of factors including brand terms, history, and context. And uniquely, sensitive data ingested by the AI is all retained securely in-house and owned by you. Phrase Custom AI will learn and adapt, so quality and impact are achieved with more speed – and better quality – than ever before.

Phrase NextMT

Phrase NextMT is our AI translation engine, created as a standalone service to plug gaps we observed in the localization market. Even the biggest engines don’t take numbers, tenses, people, or genders into account; we’ve ensured NextMT considers such context. It can inflect terms correctly, providing advanced glossary support to supersede the traditional ‘search and replace’ substitution. And, in comparison to the competition, translation accuracy typically improves by 10% – and translation quality by 50%.

Included in the Phrase Platform

Phrase Portal

The Phrase Portal is designed to provide easy access to fast, accurate and secure translation for every employee in your business. Every employee and every department can tap into an approved, intuitive machine translation tool that can be tailored to meet specific translation needs. The Phrase Portal provides a solution for every team across your business, removing the need to use insecure and risky free tools, or costly external resources.

Phrase Portal is designed to provide easy access to fast, accurate and secure translation for every team in your business.

Phrase Orchestrator

Phrase Orchestrator is a codeless automation solution allowing teams to build sophisticated workflows without the need for engineers or developers. With an intuitive interface and ‘drag and drop’ functionality, you’ll be able to customize and automate localization processes across the Phrase Platform with ease. And thanks to a raft of workflow templates, Orchestrator can be implemented in no time at all.

Phrase Analytics

The ability to make data-based decisions, track goals and share actionable insights is crucial in the drive for operational efficiencies and growth. Phrase Analytics is a game-changer for localization, mobilizing the Platform’s business intelligence capabilities with customizable visuals and reports. We’ve developed this product without the need for SQL knowledge, so a wider variety of stakeholders (beyond your BI or Analytics teams) are empowered to swiftly create and distribute powerful and directional insight.


Our platform of products has been created to ensure a flawless integration with your localization systems, preserving current workflows and fostering smooth transitions. With over 50 integrations to date, its plug-and-play approach ensures rapid deployment – and value realization. We also have a large team of engineers ready to ensure that new connections can be made if they don’t yet exist.

Phrase Portal is designed to provide easy access to fast, accurate and secure translation for every team in your business.

Customer Success

We all need a little human help sometimes. Phrase provides a dedicated team of localization experts to help you make the most of the Platform and meet your organizational objectives. So, whether your team would like to better understand migration, explore use cases, or simply needs technical assistance, we’re happy to help – day or night.

Reliable and secure

The Phrase Localization Platform follows best practices in security, stability and performance. This means we comply with the Principles and Security Statements of ISO 27001, PCI DSS, AWS, CCPA and GDPR. Our infrastructure is one of the most resilient and robust available (zero downtime deployments and a 99.9% uptime), and we work hard to ensure it stays that way.


GDPR Compliant

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