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Job sync

Sync jobs between Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings

The job sync is available to Phrase customers using both Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings, and serves as a bridge between the 2 platforms to provide a seamless localization experience—allowing you to easily sync translation jobs and make the most of the strengths and features of the 2 products.

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The benefits of the job sync

Managing multilingual software copy in Phrase Strings and centralizing the translation work in Phrase TMS gives you the best of both products.

Decrease time to market

Speed up release cycles by providing dedicated software localization features to your digital product teams with Phrase Strings.

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Increase translation quality

Enhance your translation quality with robust advanced translation management and linguistic features in Phrase TMS.

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Reduce translation costs

Deliver fast and cost-effective translations by leveraging the power of machine translation and advanced AI-powered features in Phrase TMS.

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Centralize your resources

Save time by maintaining linguistic resources in 1 platform. Linguists and LSPs work in Phrase TMS only, no need to onboard them to 2 tools.

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Leverage features of both platforms

Phrase TMS


Advanced linguistic features:

  • Highly customizable translation memories, term bases, and QA process
  • Fully-featured CAT editor for professional translators

Advanced translation management features:

  • Project templates and automated project creation for 100% hands-off translation workflows
  • Analytics dashboards to take data-based decisions on translation processes
  • Vendor management features to easily coordinate translation providers (e.g. financials, first-come-first serve job assignment, etc.)

Advanced machine translation features:

  • MT autoselect ensures the optimal MT engine is used for every translation job
  • MT glossaries customizes MT engines with your preferred terminology
  • MT quality estimation allows linguists to focus on segments needing post-editing

Phrase Strings


Advanced software localization features:

  • String-based (not file-based) setup for easy content updates and syncs with code repositories
  • File format conversion (e.g., upload .excel file, download .json file)
  • Branching support
  • ICU message format support
  • Over-the-air content updates for mobile app

Powerful design integrations with Figma and Sketch:

  • Designers send content for translation without leaving their design tool
  • Screenshots from design boards are automatically attached to provide context for translators
  • Character limits can be added to avoid design breaks

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Leverage the power of both Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings, and enjoy a seamless experience within our suite.

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Frequently asked questions

Here to field your questions about the job sync

A subscription to both Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings is required to use the job sync. The job sync is available to customers of all editions and plans, in any constellation.

In order to start, the job sync connection between Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings will need to be set up. Visit the help center article to find more details.

The job sync supports a number of attributes when synchronizing jobs between Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings. Among others, it supports screenshots, character limitations, key descriptions, job briefing, and branching. To find a full list of the job sync functionalities, visit the help center article.

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