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Phrase Orchestrator

Cutting-edge translation automation

Managing multiple localization projects across your organization and ensuring timely delivery can be a time-consuming process. Phrase Orchestrator revolutionizes localization automation by giving you the power to automate translation workflows to suit your business—providing unmatched speed and control throughout the entire localization process.

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Build localization automation workflows like never before

Leverage a no-code translation automation solution

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes and hello to streamlined, efficient workflows that save you time and money.

Phrase Orchestrator is designed for teams of any size, unlocking powerful automation to streamline localization processes using all the translation tools across the Phrase Localization Suite.

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Customize translation workflows to fit your business logic

Build your own highly tailored workflows in seconds and streamline your business processes, increase efficiency, and shorten time to market.

Use the drag-and-drop interface and leverage our wide set of automation capabilities, including workflow branching, event filtering, and dynamic references.

Harness the combined power of a TMS, software localization platform, and MT aggregation solution

Use the workflow editor to quickly put together event-driven workflows that make translating content into any target language a breeze.

Track and log each workflow execution, troubleshoot issues through an intuitive user interface, and use workflow revisions for version control and effective translation project management.

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Customer story

How a travel business doubled multilingual content in just 3 months

Discover how a leading global travel services company, operating in 40 markets and 20 languages, leveraged Phrase Orchestrator to revolutionize its localization process. The result? A staggering 70% reduction in content review time and a doubling of content processing within just 3 months.

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workflow templates

No need to build workflows from scratch

Phrase Orchestrator offers a carefully curated template library designed to address common use cases for translation automation. Applying any of these pre-populated templates makes it easy to get automated workflows up and running in no time.

Create a new job for each new upload into your Phrase Strings project, and set it to start automatically for all non-English locales. If you have a GitHub import that you uploaded to your multi-locale project, your job will only start for all the non-English locales.

Imagine you’ve translated a job into French (fr-FR), but you also wish to translate for Canadian markets, where a variant is spoken. With this workflow, you can translate with the main locale (in this case, fr-FR and de-DE), and then use these translations as a base for your Canadian, Austrian, and Swiss markets.

For that extra peace of mind, you can add further security checks to ensure that any newly-created job is sent for additional review if any QA warnings are triggered. This workflow will also notify a human translator by email that a job needs review.

Automatically export any completed translation job to GitHub. Use this to export your translated keys to a GitHub repository as a pull request.

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Take your localization process to the next level

Reduce dependencies and start taking translation automation into your own hands. With customization at scale, your communications can resonate with larger international audiences.

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Boost translation quality
Enhance your translation quality with Phrase Quality Performance Score (Phrase QPS). Auto-route individual translated segments that don’t meet the required quality standard for further processing, such as post-editing or LQA check.
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Improved efficiency
Eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks by leveraging a cutting-edge translation automation solution.
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Cost savings
Reduce costs by leveraging next-gen artificial intelligence and neural machine translation for large content volumes
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Custom workflows
Customize translation workflows according to your unique needs and enhance productivity across the board
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Greater consistency
Speed up language service delivery by harnessing previous translations to build a reliable translation memory.
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Enhanced scalability
Scale your automated localization workflows to meet the evolving demands of your global audience.
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Strategic growth
Free up resources to invest in strategic initiatives that deliver genuine value to both your customers and your business.
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Faster turnaround times
Include Slack notifications to your workflows to boost efficiency and collaboration by providing instant updates.

We’ve always wanted a workflow that’s highly automated, efficient, and cost-effective. Phrase Orchestrator and its library function fit the bill.

Phrase customer from the travel industry

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We work with a wide range of languages that involve many linguists for translation tasks. Different workflows and codes across departments require time and manual effort. The cost-saving benefits of Phrase Orchestrator certainly outweigh its price. We are excited to invest in the future of Phrase Orchestrator!

Phrase customer from the gaming industry

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In just 30 minutes, with Phrase Orchestrator the localization team can set up a new workflow and go straight into production in minutes. This previously took hours or even days and involved developers.

Phrase customer from the travel industry

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I can pay an engineer 250,000 dollars to do all this work or invest in our technology (Phrase Orchestrator) that can be beneficial for many years.

Director of Globalization

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Phrase Orchestrator provides the means to achieve more with less, and at a faster pace.

Phrase customer from the travel industry

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Frequently asked questions

Here to field your questions on Phrase Orchestrator

Phrase Orchestrator is made for organizations who want to automate their processes involving the Phrase Localization Suite. Users need to have a good understanding of our products, but they don’t need to be able to write code—typical users would be localization managers and localization engineers.

Phrase Orchestrator is available in all Phrase plans.

Yes, Phrase Orchestrator provides advanced API functionality across Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings, so you can control Phrase’s full functionality from one single interface.

Yes. This workflow triggers when a file is uploaded to a Phrase Strings project. It creates a job, adds the keys from the uploaded files to that job, adds some predefined target locales, and finally starts the job if there are more than 10 new source translations.

Yes. This workflow triggers when a Phrase TMS job is completed in a “Translation” workflow step. The workflow checks the outcome of an analysis. If the percentage of 95% Translation Memory matches is greater than 90, the “Revision” workflow step is skipped. If that is not the case, a note with “X” is added to the project.

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