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Localization Managers, Product Managers, Engineering Managers, and more, all use Phrase to elevate, accelerate, and scale their localization projects. Start getting a handle on your localization workflows with Phrase.

Always stay informed​ ​about the individual activities of your team members, including the amount of translated and verified words, keys and much more.

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Organize all your translation tasks by assigning team members, providing briefings and setting due dates to the languages of your choice.

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Easily implement the basic review workflow to proofread new and updated translations.

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Phrase partners with third-party translation vendors, allowing you to order professional translations from right within the platform.

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Organize your localization team by assigning dedicated roles and access rights to each team member according to projects and languages.

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Always stay informed about all the latest changes in your project through notifications directly in Phrase and via email.

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Let Phrase translate new content automatically using machine translation and translation memory. With pre-translation, you can automatically translate new keys, locales, or files into multiple languages directly after uploading them to Phrase.

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Prevent localization errors in your product! Check all your translations for issues like overly long wording, broken placeholders, or mistranslated terms.

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The teams feature allows you to scale up the number of projects, languages, and users in Phrase without having to worry about user management.

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Get your notifications in Slack. Keep all stakeholders informed about translation projects by connecting Phrase with Slack.

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Connect translation jobs to Jira tickets in order to receive updates directly in Jira. Always have full transparency of the translation status on both platforms.

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Phrase delivers strong, measurable results for our customers all over the world.


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Why managers love Phrase

“Phrase has been an important part of Kreditech’s successful international expansion, both on a Country and on a Product level!”

Ricardo Vidal
Senior Vice President at Kreditech

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More features for managers

Need more features? Combine Phrase with our translation management system Memsource:

Collaborate with multiple vendors

Easily connect the translation agencies of your choice to your projects including automatic cost calculation and analytics

Customizable workflows

Define as many workflow steps as you like. Translation jobs can flow through them automatically

Formats for all departments

Expand your projects to other departments and business areas. Send and receive translations in file types most commonly used within your company (.doc, .html, .psd, .indd, .pdf, .md, and many more)

More choice of machine translation engines

Access over 30 MT engines and get the best engine selected automatically for every content piece