Phrase is integrating LLM-powered solutions into its AI localization platform.
This move is a natural progression for us, reflecting our core commitment to
spearhead advancements in language technology innovation.

We’re excited to roll out two pioneering features in our early access program: 
Auto LQA and AI Actions embedded within the Phrase Localization Platform.

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Transform translation quality and speed

With the introduction of new AI-powered capabilities, Phrase now offers immediate, actionable insights into the quality of translated content at any step of the process. Alongside this are robust tools designed to fine-tune translations for maximum efficiency and impact.

Scale and automate your LQA process

Harnessing the power of generative AI, Auto LQA (Language Quality Assessment) offers an in-depth and instantaneous assessment of the quality of already localized content. No more waiting for manual evaluations or relying on subjective judgments. With Auto LQA, you can obtain accurate evaluations at every step of the process, following the industry standard MQM framework. Linguists benefit from actionable feedback and insights, enabling them to refine and improve their translations effectively. Project managers can make informed decisions on content areas that may require more attention or optimization.

Auto LQA is now available in early access for registered users, within the Phrase Platform.

Harnessing the power of generative AI, Auto LQA (Language Quality Assessment) offers an in-depth and instantaneous assessment of the quality of already localized content.

Turbocharge your translation process with AI Actions

Introducing AI Actions, a game-changing capability that leverages generative AI to speed up your translation process. With just one click, you can access a set of pre-defined prompts that are carefully designed to quickly improve your translations. From enhancing tone of voice and shortening text to rephrasing and improving grammar, AI Actions offers a range of options to improve the quality of your final copy.
These GenAI powered capabilities boost efficiency. Linguists can seamlessly select the most appropriate action, saving valuable time without compromising on precision. Choose from a variety of actions, including Change styleShortenRephrase translation, and Improve grammar. Each prompt is designed to bring you one step closer to the perfect translation.
AI Actions, is now available in early access for registered users, within the Phrase Platform.

Here to field your questions

1. How does Auto LQA function?

Auto LQA is a feature developed incorporating the latest OpenAI technology. It can flag translation errors at the segment level using the widely accepted and industry-standard MQM quality framework. It assigns a numeric score to the translated document and determines whether the translation is a pass or a fail according to the predefined quality threshold.

2. How will I know if I am selected for the Early Access Program?

We will let you know, via email, as soon as your application has been approved. Please note that due to high demand, we expect to be very selective with extending access before launch.

3. Is there a way to compare human LQA to Auto LQA performance?

Yes, we have developed a dedicated view in Phrase Analytics which will allow you to do just that.

Unlock the Future of Innovation with our Gen AI Program

We are excited to introduce our Gen AI Early Access Program. This exclusive initiative offers early access to advanced AI technologies designed to transform localization through hyperautomation, quality and scale.

Sign up today for your opportunity to be part of a select group that will help shape the future of localization.