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Phrase Strings

The leanest, fastest, and most reliable localization platform for your software

Adapt your web or mobile apps, websites, video games, and other software for global audiences. Loved by developers, designers, product managers, and translators, Phrase Strings is the trusted localization management platform built to centralize, manage, and seamlessly localize your software and product copy at scale.

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Full control of your software localization process

Store and manage all your localization projects in one central platform. Add and assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate effectively with all of your team members.

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Save time and energy with development and localization in sync

Automate your software localization process to eliminate hassle and manual work. Ship your multilingual products and features faster by running translation in parallel with your development cycles.

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A software localization tool that offers the best in machine translation

Manage your localization projects at scale and translate your product copy into any language in real time to significantly reduce costs.

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Always deliver the best possible translation quality

Use the in-context editor, Figma previews, and quality assurance (QA) checks for consistent and high-quality translations. Maintain your brand’s voice with translation memory and term bases. All this in one easy-to-use localization tool.

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50+ file formats supported

Import and export translatable text with ease and seamlessly convert your language files into any format you may need.

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Automate the translation process with a full-featured API

Speed up release cycles by setting up custom integrations and webhooks with the powerful Phrase Strings API.

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Translation and localization platform for all things digital


A customized software localization experience

Automate content importing and exporting, launch translation jobs, and distribute content from one platform for quicker release cycles and 50% faster deployment times.

Our impact

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Reduction on deployment time
Reduction of errors
5 min
Setup time
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We have now designed a process where Phrase allows us to have the content ready on our sites within 1 minute since the translators add or update their translations. We are saving an average of 48 hours on engineering time, each time we deploy a new feature.

Enrique Quilez

Localization Manager

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The localization management process is so much more streamlined, which makes it much easier to release new versions and add new locales.

Thibaut Davoult

Growth Engineer

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The thing that I have seen with Phrase and our translation management is specifically the ease with which it allows us to scale to additional languages.

Daniel Touchette

Group Product Manager

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Here to field your questions on our software localization platform

Translating documents works better with Phrase TMS, our translation management system, as that content isn’t normally stored in a string-based repository.

We have 2 data centers, one in the EU and one in the US. They are completely separate, and there is no data shared between them.

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Phrase Strings is ISO 27001 certified and TISAX AL 2 conform. Phrase is Level 4 certified for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, compliant with SAQ A. Our payment provider is Stripe, certified at Level 1.

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Phrase Strings is the only localization management platform on the market that is part of a bigger product suite. This means you can easily add other products or integrations as your needs evolve, and can unify translation processes across departments.

Our solution architects can help with migration and automation, as well as give advice on designing the best translation workflow for your team.

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