Simplify Localization With Phrase And Gengo

Phrase’s powerful integration with Gengo gives you everything you need for site and app localization. With the click of a button, you can tap into Gengo’s team of 9,000+ pre-tested translators working across 56+ language pairs

It is necessary to simplify localization. In the event that you’re not already taking advantage of the possibility to buy translations from within Phrase, now might be a good time to start.

Video Tutorial

The Gengo team has put together a quick video tutorial on how ordering translations works:

Translation Into 56+ Languages

Just log in and order professional translation into 56+ languages at a click of a button. Within seconds, jobs are sent to Gengo’s translator team, who complete work quickly and at high quality.

Zero admin, zero searching for translators, zero emails, zero time wasted.

For fast translation of complex websites and apps, we recommend using Gengo as a first pass, and carrying a second review with your internal team or asking your users to check the translation.

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