Customer Story: The Conversation reaches 66 million French users in under 10 weeks

Customer Story: The Conversation reaches 66 million French users in under 10 weeks

A new series of articles showing how our customers overcame their localization challenges with the help of PhraseApp

We are starting a new articles series, showcasing the various challenges our customers face when it comes to localization (weather it is a website, software or an app) and how PhraseApp helped them overcome these obstacles and ease their localization process.


The Conversation is an independent source of news and views that are carefully sourced from the academic and research community and delivered directly to its readers.
[…] The Conversation launched in Australia in March 2011. Their innovative technology platform and development team is based in the university and research precinct of Carlton. In May 2013, they opened an office in London where they based their newsroom. They now have editorial newsrooms in Melbourne, London, Boston, Paris and Johannesburg.


When The Conversation first decided to localize in French, they were already active in four English speaking regions. Their development team were all monolingual Australians, and colleagues who would provide translations were in Paris. With no prior experience with translation and localization processes, and more than 2000 keys to be translated, The Conversation team knew that a manual localization would result in a lot of overhead for developers and translators, with questionable end results. Thus, their Technical Director, James Healy, started a search for a single solution in terms of a Translation Management System that would provide them flexibility and easy management of the whole localization process. […]


[…] PhraseApp proved crucial to the whole process as it provided The Conversation’s team with a centralized and standardized place where developers and translators can collaborate in real time. PhraseApp’s intuitive UI allowed translators to quickly adapt, and API allowed developers to easily setup a process that pushes English phrases to PhraseApp. Once the workflow was established, the localization project was completed in less than ten weeks. […]


In just ten weeks, The Conversation and their monolingual development team have been able to launch in French. “It’s difficult for me to say how much developer time we saved since this was our first time to use a translation management system. Currently, with the new Localization set-up, The Conversation is able to deploy the app several times a day and get translation updates within 24 hours. […]

The Conversation Case Study as Download

Check out the full case study on how PhraseApp helped THE CONVERSATION to reach 66 million French users in under 10 weeks.

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