Monthly I18n and L10n Roundup – August 2016

Monthly I18n and L10n Roundup

Once a month we curate the best links and most relevant articles around the topics L10N and I18n for everyone involved in Localization and Internationalization.

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8 Steps to Master Localized Keyword Research and International SEO

There is one often overlooked aspect of localization that many don’t think about immediately as it pertains to international expansion:

Localized Keyword Research and International SEO.

This article will guide you through different aspects you need to consider such as different local search engines (Yes, Google has competitors!), MT, link building and keyword tools.


Internationalization and Localization: Why It Matters

Proper localization for software is crucial for it to succeed in other locales, which is why localization and internationalization are such an important part of the development process.


Internationalization in React

The React Intl library makes internalization in React straightforward, with off-the-shelf components and an API that can handle everything from formatting strings, dates, and numbers, to pluralization.


Marketing Strategy – Understanding the Hidden Costs of Localization

By using technology and improving workflow processes, your content is translated faster, you’ll be able to complete more projects more frequently. Moreover, your global campaigns will reach target audiences faster, allowing you to get ahead of your competition. Now that’s a good return on your investment.


Five Rules Of App Localization In China: Money, Dating And App Store

I recently sat down with Rock Zhang, a Chinese mobile entrepreneur. In an age when the best marketing is good product management, Rock knows how to make millions of Chinese users fall in love with an app. I asked him to share his thoughts on app localization.


Why does localization matter more than ever before?

Why does localization matter more than ever before?

The best place to start when starting localization is by looking at your existing traffic. What markets are your users coming from? How well do people in those countries speak English? Can you localize your service, digital assets and campaigns for those countries?



Stay ahead of your competition and check out the following best practice guides.

How to Implement Internationalization (i18n) in JavaScript

In this article we demonstrate the internationalization (i18n) & localization (l10n) of calendars, dates & currencies in JavaScript, using jQuery Globalize.


App Store Localization – The complete guide to conquer the app world

The Complete guide to App Store Localization, all the proven practices in one place!


The Last Rails I18n Guide You'll Ever Need

The Last Rails I18n Guide You’ll Ever Need

We will show you how to add support for I18n in a Rails application, where to store translations, what localized views are, how to format dates and times, how to introduce pluralization rules and more.

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