Monthly I18n And L10n Roundup – December 2016

Monthly I18n and L10n Roundup

Once a month we curate the best links and most relevant articles around the topics I18N and L10n for everyone involved in Localization and Internationalization.

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3 Differences between Translation and Localization You Must Know

The terms Translation and Localization are used interchangeably in the Training industry. Even global businesses assume they are the same with slight variations. Some still think why do we need to care about these two? Well, you’ve got to see this survey figures.


Top 6 Secrets to Successful Internationalization

A couple of weeks ago we talked about internationalizing your WordPress website so that you can offer your content in multiple languages. Keep in mind that your website is the first thing most prospects will know about you, so the most intimate you can talk to them, the better. And, as Mandela said, native languages play a key role!

5 Website Elements to Localize for an Easy User Experience

Localizing your website delivers a whole range of benefits for your business. Companies that localize their digital properties boost their user base and increase sales. They strengthen brand awareness and garner greater profits. Yet the overwhelming effect you achieve when you localize is an enhanced user experience.

AngularJS Translations in a WordPress Environment

Lot’s of people, myself included, have been extolling the virtues of using a JavaScript MVC framework, instead of a traditional PHP templating system as a WordPress front-end. While I’m pretty down on how WordPress traditionally handles templating, the one thing it does well is translation strings. WordPress is full of great functions for making text translatable.

The Struggle is Real: Localization and Translation at Gilbane

Localization is on the minds of every global enterprise. In fact, according to a new study from SDL and Forrester Research, 68% of companies are running 10 or more sites. And 70% of enterprises support five or more languages. SDL’s VP of Technology Solutions, Alberto Andrade, talked to Gilbane Digital Content Conference’s audiences about the results of the study and the struggles that these companies face.




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The Fundamental Android App Localization Guide

The Fundamental Android App Localization Guide

As a platform, Android devices are now multilingual “out of the box.” In theory, you can target practically any country, region, or culture in the world with your app. However, your developer conscience is already whispering to you that diving in just anyhow to make versions for every local language under the sun might not be such a bright idea. But with the right approach to app localization, the world is your oyster.


The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization for Localized Apps

The Ultimate Guide To App Store Optimization For Localized Apps

Getting your app noticed on the App Store isn’t easy, but we’re here to help! From market research to app localization, check out the ultimate guide to App Store Optimization for localized apps.


The Only App Localization Tutorial You Will Ever Need

The Only App Localization Tutorial You Will Ever Need

Imagine. Your app in Spanish… In Swedish… In Swahili! Localization can make your app accessible to people and places anywhere on the planet. But what does localization entail?

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